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5 Best Champions to Pair With Bel'Veth in League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Bel'Veth, Empress of the Void, will soon be arriving to the League of Legends roster. She's meant to be a jungler; her kit focuses on increasing her attack speed, the passive effect of her ultimate lets her stack true damage for every second attack on an enemy champion, and it seems like she will have extremely good mobility across the rift.

With that in mind, we're going to try to list the champions who might pair best with Bel'Veth in team comps.

5 Best Champions to Pair With Bel'Veth

1. Kayle

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Kayle on her own is a solid pick for the top lane and mid lane, and has been a top pick for a very long time. But there are several things in her kit that have a chance to assist Bel'Veth greatly. Kayle's Q slows down the enemy champion it hits, which can only help Bel'Veth's already great mobility and catching up to a target. With Kayle's R, however, is where their synergy has a chance to shine. Granting Bel'Veth invulnerability will allow her to take full advantage of her high attack speed. You can check out our ranking of the top 5 top laners here.

2. Anivia

Aniva's kit is all about stuns, slows, and blocks. With the ability to stun with her Q, block enemy maneuvering with her W, and slow down enemies with her R, she has the ability to assist Bel'Veth's mobility and give her an opportunity for a strong follow-up against an enemy champion.

3. Veigar

Veigar's E is the main reason he's being included in this list. It has a long stun time, a chance to stun multiple enemies, and those caught within it have limited movement options. It gives Bel'Veth ample opportunity to move in and take advantage of enemies who cannot escape her wrath.

4. Neeko

Neeko's E is another extremely powerful crowd control move, with a chance to root enemies for up to 3 seconds if it is able to connect, and root multiple enemies at that. After a good E, Bel'Veth can follow up with crowd control of her own from her W.

5. Singed

Singed is fast, able to cover a lot of ground, and has the ability to control enemy movement through his W and the threat of his E. Having Singed and Bel'Veth, two champions with incredible movement across the rift chasing after an enemy champion, would surely be a threatening sight to see.

Bel'Veth releases to the live servers in Patch 12.11.