5 Best Champions to Pair With Renata in League of Legends

Screenshot from Glasc Industries website
Screenshot from Glasc Industries website / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Here are the five best champions to pair with Renata in League of Legends. Renata Glasc is the new support champion who will be released with Patch 12.4 on Feb. 16. Riot Games had previously mentioned that a new support would shortly be released after Zeri, the new AD Carry.

Renata Glasc is a support champion who can CC, deal damage and revive ally champions. Not only is she powerful, but players have also expressed that her overall character design is different and new to League of Legends. Renata is the wealthiest chem-baroness in Zaun and is a woman with an eye for business.

Renata wears an expensive white suit and has a mask. Her most notable features are her purple, glowing eyes, chemical-infused robotic arm and her large glowing staff, which she carries around. Players expect Renata to be one of the strongest supports upon her release.

5 Best Champions to Pair With Renata in League of Legends

Renata is an AP champion so having the traditional ADC champion will be the best champion to pair with her. Although Renata has not been released yet, we predict that the five best champions to pair with her are:

  • Jinx
  • Jhin
  • Tristana
  • Zeri
  • Vayne

Renata's W ability, Bailout, is by far one of her most broken abilities. Renata grants a champion attack and move speed. If the champion dies with Bailout still applied, the champion will go back to full health, but burn to death after three seconds. If the champion is able to takedown an enemy champion in their revived state, the burn will stop.

By having these strong ADCs paired with Renata, not only will attack and movement speed be buffed, but Renata's ability to stun and root champions can also come in handy. ADCs can take this opportunity to unleash a combination of abilities to crowd-controlled enemy champions.

Also, all of the listed champions above are the strongest ADCs in the current meta of the game. By having the extra buff and survivability with Renata, bot lane can easily become the strongest duo on the map.