League of Legends Patch 9.10 has brought a new group of powerful junglers. Just when junglers thought they were safe, the League of Legends developers swooped down once more with another change to the jungle.

With scuttle crabs now only spawning after the three-minute mark, the emphasis shifts away from the early-game dominant junglers as have been the norm for the past several months to a more balanced spread.

In this time of tumultuous change, these are the five best junglers to pick as defaults in Patch 9.10 while the meta continues to stabilize.

5. Kindred

Image courtesy of Riot Games

The changes to the Rift Scuttler gives Kindred more time to navigate around the map and gain some levels to better duel for control of the crab. It also means Kindred is less subject to luck in trying to get her first Mark as they can better contest for it as well as have more time to set up for it.

4. Karthus

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Karthus returns to the Top 5 but was never far outside it. With a slower early-game in the jungle, Karthus can farm in safety without need to contest for the Scuttle Crab until he has more power. This helps him better reach the mid and late-game states where his damage output can truly shine.

3. Sejuani

Image courtesy of Riot Games

A bulky Tank like Sejuani benefits from the slower game without the need to duel immediately until she has the levels and items to properly battle. With good crowd-control abilities and potential for bursting down opponents post-Level 6, Sejuani can transition her power throughout the game.

2. Lee Sin

Image courtesy of Riot Games

It would require a very specific meta game to not see Lee Sin in the top five. Lee Sin can do everything needed of a jungler except tank. So long as the team plays high-tempo, Lee Sin will always find value.

1. Jarvan IV

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Heir to the throne, King of the Jungle and the Exemplar of Demacia, Jarvan IV retains his number one spot. Flexible with viable builds into both bruiser and tank and great engage and crowd control, Jarvan IV is rarely a wrong choice and in many cases the best one.

Cover image courtesy of Riot Games