5 Best KAY/O Counters

Photo by Riot Games

The five best KAY/O counters is difficult to ascertain right now, especially since he hasn't arrived in Valorant yet. His utility is unlike anything seen in Valorant right now, and that makes it especially difficult to figure out which Agents would serve as an effective counter, and with Episode 3 presumably bringing some fixes and changes in tow, alongside a new battle pass, that makes it even more different to examine. Even still, there are some Agents that come to mind as far as dealing with KAY/O. Here are the five best KAY/O counters.

5 Best KAY/O Counters

1. Sova

KAY/O's suppression ability is his main weapon, and intelligence-gathering abilities could be a great counter to that end. Sova's Recon Bolt (E) and Owl Drone (C) are effective tools to determine nearby opponents and could help get the drop on KAY/O. Combine that with his Hunter's Fury (X), and Sova could take out KAY/O before he knows what hit him.

2. Cypher

Likewise, intelligence is Cypher's game, and while he isn't the damage dealer that Sova is, his reconnaissance is far more impactful. Spycam (E) and Trapwire (C) are great tools for finding out the location of players, and if your team has already killed an enemy, then Neural Theft (X) can help locate KAY/O before he has time to use his ability.

3. Breach

Breach doesn't have intelligence-gathering abilities, but he does have a skillset that could make him valuable against KAY/O. Faultline (E) and Flashpoint (Q) are two abilities that can be used to severely disorient enemies, and if KAY/O gets caught in them, then Breach and his teammates can take advantage of that, and take him out.

4. Omen

For Omen, it's only one ability that matters when it comes to dealing with KAY/O, and that's Paranoia (Q). It limits the vision range of those who get caught in its wake, meaning KAY/O is more likely to miss with his suppression ability. Dark Cover (E) can also be used to further reduce vision, but for dealing with KAY/O, having a Duelist alongside Omen would be good to maximize the chances of eliminating KAY/O.

5. Skye

Skye's strategy is similar to Breach's, with both using flashing and disorientating abilities. Guiding Light (E) lets Skye control her flash, letting her hooking it around corners and obstacles, and Trailblazer (Q) lets Skye concuss her opponent. Of course, because Skye is an Initiator, having a Duelist to accompany her would be a smart move.