5 Best Mid Laners in League of Legends Patch 10.5

Here are the five best mid laners in League of Legends Patch 10.5.
Here are the five best mid laners in League of Legends Patch 10.5. / Riot Games

With Riot Games' Lead Gameplay Designer, Mark Yetter, for League of Legends releasing more details on the changes coming in Patch 10.5, here's our list of the five best mid laners in League of Legends Patch 10.5.

5 Best Mid Laners in League of Legends Patch 10.5

1. Diana

The mid lane has seen a few new champions rise to prominence during Season 10 with one of the most notable power picks being Diana. Her ability to create a strong team fight using Lunar Rush (E) and Moonfall (R) to group enemy champions and her ability to heal through the enemies damage using the Conquerer rune make her a great pick for both the early and late game.

Diana's win rate reached 53 percent on Patch 10.4 and with no changes planned to any of Diana's kit, runes, or items, she'll most likely keep her prominence in the mid lane on Patch 10.5.

2. Katarina

Katarina came out of absolutely nowhere on Patch 10.4 to dominate the mid lane, posting an incredible 53 percent win rate. While her kit offers her team little crowd control, her burst damage and mobility make her difficult for opposing teams to deal with.

Like Diana, Katarina's kit works well with Conquerer and can give her massive healing later in the game. Katarina's Death Lotus (R) is also useful when against team compositions with a lot of healing, as it applies a healing reduction to all enemies in range. So she's even a useful pick into a Soraka or Sona top lane pick.

3. Taric

Taric is not, by himself, a strong mid laner. But, when paired with Master Yi in a funnel composition, Taric has the single best win rate in the game at 63 percent. To put that in perspective, the champion with the next highest win rate in a solo lane is Janna at 58 percent when played in the top lane. The ability to shield and heal hyper carries like Master Yi while still functioning on minimal gold makes him one of the best funnel supports in the game.

With the planned buffs to Blade of the Ruined King on Patch 10.5, chances are Taric's win rate will only increase, as the champion he's most often paired with will be getting a massive bonus to his damage against tanks and brusiers.

4. Kassadin

Kassadin's late game strength makes him a consistently viable pick in the mid lane and that doesn't change on Patch 10.5. Once Kassadin hits level 16 and has a Seraph's Embrace, Rod of Ages, and Rabadon's Deathcap, he becomes nearly impossible to stop. He can use his Riftwalk (R) to blink on top of enemy carries and one shot them with a combination of Force Pulse (E), Nether Blade, and Null Sphere.

He can also avoid ganks after level 6 with ease and apply pressure across the map due to his ability to roam and jump over walls with Riftwalk. When in doubt, Kassadin is always a strong pick in the mid lane if you can survive the early parts of the laning phase. Plus, there's always the backdoor potential if things get rough.

5. Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia's late game damage to champions and objectives makes her another safe pick in the mid lane on Patch 10.5. With three items, Cassiopeia can take Baron Nashor with the assistance of her jungler or capture Elder Drake.

Her Miasma (W) and Petrifying Gaze (R) give her team a fair bit of crowd control, with Miasma grounding everyone caught in it and Petrifying Gaze stunning anyone caught in range. Her Miasma also makes her a good pick into high mobility champions like Kassadin, Katarina, and Diana.