5 Best Mid Laners on League of Legends Patch 10.3

LeBlanc broke into the top five on Patch 10.3, but what other champions will join her?
LeBlanc broke into the top five on Patch 10.3, but what other champions will join her? / Riot Games

Mid lane has more influence than any other lane in League of Legends. Picking the right champion is crucial to winning lane, securing objectives for your team, and helping your teammates win their lanes.

Here's the five best mid laners on League of Legends Patch 10.3 that will help you secure a victory.

1. Fizz

Fizz continues his impressive run in mid lane on Patch 10.3, with no nerfs targeting the champion in the new patch. Fizz's high mobility and high damage kit make him a terror for opposing carries. He can use Playful Trickster (E) to dodge crowd control with Urchin Strike (Q) to close the gap.

When a skilled Fizz can land a long range Chum the Waters (R), he can one shot most squishy champions in the game and significantly change the shape of a mid game team fight.

2. Diana

Although Diana received a pair of nerfs on Patch 10.3, the synergy she has with the incredibly strong Conqueror rune and damage output after Level 6 keep her at the top end of the mid lane champion pool.

The main nerf targets her sustain in lane, with her base mana pool decreasing by 45. The other nerf decreases the damage dealt from Pale Cascade (W) by four at all levels and will have a negligible impact on her performance in mid lane. Diana will still be a strong assassin able to one shot most carries with ease.

3. Vladimir

Vladimir remains unchanged in Patch 10.3 and still has the late game damage that made him notorious in previous patches. When Vladimir is able to land Hemoplague (R) in combination with an empowered Transfusion (Q) and Tides of Blood (E), he can completely remove an AD carry from a fight with little opportunity for outplay.

His damage, when added to his mobility and escape tool Sanguine Pool (W) and Stopwatch, make him difficult to lock down and kill. This gives him incredible strength in the mid game, when he's able to reach 45 percent cooldown reduction with less than 3,000 gold.

4. Kassadin

With junglers reaching six a little quicker due to the changes in jungle experience in Patch 10.3, Kassadin received a slight indirect nerf. Kassadin relies on being able to scale into the late game and reach level 16 to give him full use of Riftwalk (R). Strong ganks from level 6 junglers like Nocturne and Evelynn can now reduce Kassadin's mid game strength at an earlier point in the game.

Once Kassadin reaches Level 16, the damage available in a single combination of Nether Blade (W), Null Sphere (Q), and Force Pulse (E) allow him to one shot even the most mobile carries and his mobility makes him incredibly difficult to play around.

5. LeBlanc

LeBlanc has always been strong in competitive play, but the mobility and burst damage LeBlanc brings make her a terrifying opponent.

The amount of damage LeBlanc can do through proper use of her Sigil of Malice (Q) and Ethereal Chains (E) can remove any carry from a mid game team fight. While her Distortion (W) and Mimic (R) allow her unparalleled mobility and gives her numerous options to escape ganks.

But the champion requires a lot of mechanical skill to play well, so be cautious and try the champion out in the practice tool before taking her into a ranked game.