5 Best Mid Laners in League of Legends Patch 10.2

Diana is queen of the mid lane champion pool on Patch 10.2, but who else can rival her?
Diana is queen of the mid lane champion pool on Patch 10.2, but who else can rival her? / Riot Games

The best mid laners in League of Legends Patch 10.2 are an interesting bunch. With the importance of Rift Herald and reworked dragons in League of Legends Season 10, mid lane priority is a necessity if you want to win games. Here are the five best mid laners in League of Legends Patch 10.2 to help you start your solo queue climb.

1. Diana

Diana's rework that debuted on League of Legends Patch 9.24b, just before the start of Season 10, pushed the champion back into meta. Diana's ability to farm in the early game using Crescent Strike (Q) and assassinate an AD carry or opposing mid laner in the mid game with a combination of Lunar Rush (E) and Moonfall (R) makes her one of the strongest mid lane picks right now.

Her kit also synergizes well with the already strong conquerer rune, making her an even more fearsome opponent.

2. Fizz

Fizz has come out of nowhere to dominate the mid lane in Patch 10.2, but most of his rise comes from his damage and high mobility kit. With Playful Trickster (E) and Urchin Strike (Q), Fizz has the ability to quickly close the gap between him and an opposing carry.

Add that to the damage from a long range Chum the Waters (R) and you have a combo that can one shot most enemy bot laners and most squishy mid laners. His synergy with Stopwatch also allows him to stall out for his next Playful Trickster (E), giving him additional mobility and elusiveness.

3. Kassadin

There's a reason why Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani loves to play Kassadin. His late game mobility with Riftwalk (R) and damage with Nether Blade (W), Null Sphere (Q), and Force Pulse (E) give him the unrivaled ability to take on entire teams after level 16.

The one drawback with Kassadin is his relatively weak early game. He usually gets shoved in by most mid laners and that causes problems for his teammates around objectives. But, if he can survive the laning phase and reach level 16, the game is essentially over for the enemy team. Of course, that's assuming the person playing him knows when to engage and has stacked up his Riftwalk (R) before jumping to the backline.

4. Vladimir

Vladimir is another champion with a high amount of mobility and damage. Vladamir's Sanguine Pool (W), when combined with an empowered Transfusion (Q) and Tides of Blood (E), gives him the ability to complete remove an AD carry from the fight with very little opportunity for counterplay.

Like Fizz, Valdimir also synergizes well with Stopwatch and his ability to reach 45 percent cooldown reduction at just 3 item components gives him unparalleled power in the mid game.

5. Qiyana

While Qiyana is no longer the queen of the jungle that she once was, her ability to control fights around major objectives like Dragon Soul and Baron Nashor make her one of the strongest picks in the mid lane on Patch 10.2.

A well-placed Supreme Display of Talent (R), combined with an empowered Edge of Ixtal (Q), lets her absolutely rampage through enemy teams attempting to secure an objective advantage on the map. She also has significant mobility within her kit, including two movement abilities, Audacity (E) and Terrashape (W).