5 Best Mythic Items in League of Legends Preseason 2021

5 Best Mythic Items in League of Legends this Preseason
5 Best Mythic Items in League of Legends this Preseason / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Mythic items have been the largest update to League of Legends Preseason 2021. Mythic items are the core items to a champions build. Players are only allowed to build one Mythic item per match. These items also enhance the ability of Legendary items.

Most Mythic items are all in the same price range. What makes some better than others is the number of stats the item increases, and how much each of those stats is increased by. These are the top five Mythic items in League of Legends this preseason.

5 Best Mythic Items in League of Legends Preseason 2021

Trinity Force

Trinity Force used to be one of the most expensive items in the game. Today, it's almost the cheapest Mythic item. Trinity Force grants 35 Attack Damage, 35% Attack Speed, 200 Health, 10 Ability Haste. It's passives grant move speed and extra attack damage after using an ability. Trinity Force's Mythic passive also grants Legendary items attack speed. This is one of the best Mythic items for champions that are on the frontline in team fights.


Everfrost is build around making sure the enemy can't get away. The item itself does 80 Ability Power, 10 Ability Haste, 200 Health, and 600 Mana. However, Everfrost's unique active deals magic damage in a cone. Hitting an enemy with this slows them down, allowing other champions to rack up damage on them with their abilities. Support or mage type champions will want this Mythic item.

Luden's Tempest

Luden's Tempest is the item for mage champions that want to end the game with the most kills. This item grants 80 Ability Power, 10 Magic Penetration, 600 Mana, and 10 Ability Haste. On top of that, the passives for this item deal additional magic damage that can spread to nearby enemies. Legendary items also gain magic penetration.

Immortal Shieldbow

Immortal Shieldbow is useful to a very small pool of champions. However, this might be the best mythic item for those champions. Immortal Shieldbow grants 50 Attack Damage, 15% Attack Speed, 20% Critical Strike Chance, and 12% Life Steal. The passive of this item is designed to try and keep players alive when they are at low health. This is the optimal choice for champions that aren't afraid of being in the frontline of team fights, but also aren't tanks.


Galeforce is the easy Mythic item of choice for bottom lane champions. Galeforce grants 55 Attack Damage, 20% Attack Speed, and 20% Critical Strike Chance. Using Galeforce's passive is a great way to try and clean up kills because it targets champions with low health. On top of that, the Mythic passive increases legendary item's movement speed. Look for AD Carries to equip Galeforce early and often.