5 Best Overwatch Hero Changes of 2019

Overwatch is a game that's constantly evolving. With the addition of Hero 31, Sigma, the tweaking of Brigitte, and buffing of D.va, it can be said for certain that this game can change at the drop of a hat. The biggest of these changes happen to the heroes on the game. Unsurprisingly, this completely changes the way the game is currently played. One change can knock a hero out of the top ten for the foreseeable future.

Here's some of the best changes that have happened to the heroes of Overwatch.

5 Best Overwatch Hero Changes of 2019

1. Brigitte Can Die

As of patch 1.39, Brigitte can officially die. It was painful for players to be somewhat robbed of the opportunity to play an unstoppable healing god. However, this nerf was well deserved, as Brig had been ridiculously overpowered for some time now.

2. Mercy Can (Finally) Heal Through Barriers

As of the new Overwatch "Remaster" patch, Mercy can heal through barriers. This has given players who main her a significant opening to jump back into the meta on their favorite hero. No only that, but this means Mercy may just be able to make a return as the face of healing in Overwatch once again.

3. Symmetra's Teleporter

Again with patch 1.39 came the changes to Symmetra's teleporter. This was also a longtime coming change as, up until this point, Symmetra's teleporter had been almost utterly useless. This change made the ability last for an infinite duration until either Symmetra died or she took it down, herself. It also increased the range.

4. D.va's Defense Matrix Buff

An additional important change with the Overwatch Remaster would be the tweaking of D.va's Defense Matrix. Players haven't seen a lot from D.va recently as the current meta supports a double-barrier tank style of play. However, this buff to her specific ability would make it seem that Blizzard is intending to push her center-stage once again.

5. Zarya Beam Nerf

Zarya experienced a nerf to her beam ultimate in patch 1.40. While this change might not seem big to most players, it was definitely felt by Zarya mains who undoubtedly felt a great deal of affection toward their damage-dealing powerhouse of an ability.

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment