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5 Best Places to Drop in Apex Legends Season 10

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With the release of Season 10 in Apex Legends, players can expect new terrain to explore when dropping into World's Edge. There are many great locations, but below are an overview of the top five best places to drop for players looking for a competitive edge.

5 Best Places to Drop in Apex Legends Season 10

1. Landslide

Landslide / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Train Yard has been renamed Landslide after a terraforming event occurred during the release of Emergence. Not only is Landslide located in an optimal position, but it also continues to allow players to maintain an advantage with options for high vertical positioning.
Landslide also features mid-tier loot and a conveniently placed tunnel that allows players easy access towards Harvester and Fragments.

2. Lava Siphon

Lava Siphon
Lava Siphon / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Lava Siphon, previously named Sorting Factory, is a high tier loot zone and still maintains a very dense amount of loot for players to scout out. It is located in a central position which allows for easy repositioning to essentially any ring location.
However, due to this advantageous position, players should expect a fight when landing as it is a very popular zone.

3. Climatizer

Climatizer / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Once named Refinery, Climatizer sits in the northeast of World's Edge, just north of Epicenter. Climatizer is a condensed area with a large amount of loot potential, and is often less contested than Epicenter which gives a team ample time to loot and push into Epicenter with more equipment and weapons handy.

4. Fragments (East/West)

Fragments (East/West)
Fragments (East/West) / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Fragments is conveniently located in a central position. This will allow teams to be in an optimal position despite which way the ring decides to pull. There will always be a fight waiting for players at this location, as there is a massive amount of loot scattered across the split location.
There is also a lot of cover at this location that players can utilize during gunfights to secure the area.

5. Dome

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Nestled in the far southeast of World's Edge, Dome offers players who land there the opportunity to scavenge high-tier loot from a prosperous amount of Supply Bins. When dropping at this location with a well-coordinated team it is easy to defend as there is only one entryway from the north.
The location of Dome is also continuously located nearby both Lava Siphon and Lava City, offering more chances for quick looting at the start of the match.