5 Best Plays from Atlanta FaZe's Simp From the Call of Duty League Season

Simp is a nominee for Call of Duty League MVP.
Simp is a nominee for Call of Duty League MVP. / Photo by Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League Championship festivities are scheduled to start Aug. 19 with all 12 teams ready to battle it out to be crowned the inaugural champions.

Atlanta FaZe, the number one seed, is undoubtedly one of the favorite teams. The team built its roster around young talent with Black Ops 4 world champion Chris "Simp" Lehr. A favorite to win the 2020 Call of Duty League MVP this year, here are the five best plays from Atlanta FaZe's Simp from the Call of Duty League regular season.

5 Best Simp Plays from the Call of Duty League Season

5. A Clutch en Route to Defending Home Turf

Atlanta FaZe became the first team to defend home turf during the season, sweeping the Florida Mutineers in the Atlanta Home Series final. Before that, Atlanta narrowly beat the Minnesota Rokkr in the semifinals.

During the latter, Simp and teammate Michael "MajorManiak" Szymaniak pulled off a 2-vs-4 with SImp netting himself three straight kills to win the round.

4. The 1-vs-1 Against a Former Teammate

Atlanta faced the Dallas Empire int he Chicago Home SEries finals with Simp taking on his former teammate James "Clayster" Eubanks.

St. Petrograd Search and Destroy came down to a Round 11 1-vs-1 between the two after Simp picked off Indervir "iLLeY" Dhaliwal. Both players used their Dead Silences, but Simp managed to escape and sneak up on his ex-teammate to take him out and defuse the bomb for the map win.

3. Breaking the Hardpoint Record for Kills

Atlanta's roster excels in Hardpoint, there's no disputing that. Simp also just happens to like to break records while beating teams in Hardpoint.

Atlanta battled the London Royal Ravens on Azhir Cave defeating them 250-234. Yes, the scoreline is closer than some may have wanted, but Simp drew all the attention away from the close score with his performance. He put up 49 kills with 36 deaths to break the Hardpoint kill record showing how much of a powerhouse he is in respawn modes.

2. Tying the S&D Kill Streak Record, But With a Sniper Rifle

FaZe battled OpTic Gaming Los Angeles in the Toronto Home Series semifinals with eyes on winning the final regular season event of the year.

Another game on St. Petrograd Search and Destroy where Simp excelled, Simp tied the S&D kill streak record at 11 — with a 12-1 performance to win Game 2. Atlanta went on to sweep Los Angeles, but fell to Toronto in the tournament final

1. Breaking the Hardpoint Kill Record… Again

If you thought breaking the Hardpoint kill record the first time was impressive, what if you knew he broke his own record in the same season.

Again on Azhir Cave, this time against the Seattle Surge, Simp bested his own record, setting the Hardpoint kill record again at 50. The scoreline was more favorable for FaZe winning 250-179 and Simp also died four fewer times

Not only did he break the record he set, but he also did it in less time and more efficiently. Oh yeah, and he did it during the same day.

The CDL Playoffs begin Aug. 19, with $4.6M on the line. Tune in at Youtube.com/CODLeague

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