5 Best Skye Counters in Valorant

The Five Best Agents to Counter Skye in Valorant
The Five Best Agents to Counter Skye in Valorant / Photo by Riot Games

With Skye, Valorant's newest agent coming Oct. 27 players will likely be looking for counters for her powerful abilities. Here are our top five counters for her based on the gameplay footage released.

5 Best Skye Counters in Valorant


Wait hold on don't click away hear me out! Skye's kit is focused on helping her and her team seek out and destroy enemies whereas Viper's allows her to set traps and control enemies within her turf. While Skye's ult is incredibly helpful for her team, it's also very obvious, it's hard not to see the neon green jellyfish fly towards you. This could theoretically work in Viper's favor, giving her time to set up a Toxic Screen or a Snake Bite hallway while the other team is tracking her down.


Omen is the ultimate force in evading detection. he may not be able to avoid Skye's ult but he does have to option to make a quick getaway using his teleport. It is also possible that he could put Skye in a dangerous position while she's using her Tasmanian Tiger-like construct. Despite its quick movement, it has fairly limited sight. If the construct is susceptible to Paranoia it might render the construct practically useless.


Since a lot of Skye's abilities are most effective when she has her teammates close by, Sova is placed in a unique position of opportunity. While Cypher is better at finding the enemy team in general, Sova is capable of finding the enemy team and doing pretty significant damage. So if the opposing team is bunched up to take advantage of Skye, a marking dart mixed with Hunter's Fury could be a game-ender.


Since Skye's abilities are so obvious once they go off, an Agent that can get to her location quickly for a takedown will be invaluable and Jett is one of the fastest out there.


Like Viper, Sage is great at setting up choke points. She can't do damage like Viper does but even with her drastically reduced healing she can still support the rest of her team to set up the enemy team when they come in following Skye's seekers.