5 Best Supports in League of Legends Patch 11.12

Our top five supports are classic options, with some new faces.
Our top five supports are classic options, with some new faces. / Photo by Riot Games

The five best supports in League of Legends Patch 11.12 provide little change to the typical support picks, but only because Patch 11.12 doesn't offer much in the way of changes to support champions.

While our Patch 11.12 list might look similar to our Patch 11.11 list, there are some new additions making an appearance. For fans of stability and balance in what may be an otherwise chaotic meta, classic options for support mains are here, still providing excellence in their ability to aid your teammates.

5 Best Supports in League of Legends Patch 11.12


What's a list of the best supports without our dear Thresh? He's still a great pick, even after all of these years, and pairs well with most AD Carries. His Death Sentence (Q) and Dark Passage (W) can be game-changing with practice, but Thresh is a difficult champion to play, so players interested in him should keep that in mind.


Yuumi may seem out of place compared to other stalwarts on this list, but don't overlook this furball. Her You and Me! (W) works well, and Zoomies (E) provides a boost to her ally's move and attack speed, something that's ADCs can never have enough of.


She might be third on our list, but Lulu is without question the best support option in League of Legends. Whimsy (W) and Wild Growth (R) are unparalleled in their ability to boost the ADC, and Help, Pix! (E) helps allies and hurts foes, giving Lulu and her partner an advantage in the bottom lane.


The resident shield maiden in League of Legends is a classic, just like Thresh, and in Patch 11.12, maintains her status as a top level support. She can take more hits than some of her other counterparts, and Solar Flare (R) stops enemies in their tracks, letting the ADC pile on the damage and score some easy kills. It's worth seeing how Leona performs, because she may be due for a nerf in future patches.


Let's mix it up a little. Bard might be way out there for some players, especially with Senna and Maokai having success in Patch 11.11, but Bard can be pretty effective in his own right. Caretaker's Shrine (W) is a solid healing option, and for map traversal, Magical Journey (E) helps players save their Flash for when they really need it. He might not get as much respect from the community, but Bard is worth a try in Patch 11.12.

While that rounds out our top five supports, checking out how Patch 11.12 affects the rest of your teammates and opponents is a smart decision to make, and might make a big difference in your upcoming matches.