5 Best Top Laners in League of Legends Patch 12.3

Frost Queen Janna
Frost Queen Janna / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The five best top laners in League of Legends are Janna, Nasus, Riven, Dr. Mundo and Urgot. Patch 12.3 went live on Feb. 1, reworking many fighter items which has changed which champions are the best top laners. We've detailed why these champions are the five best top laners in Patch 12.3.

Top laners are known for being fighters or tanks who can engage in a team fight and survive. Top laners typical farm minions in lane, but have also been known to take a few monsters in the jungle when able to. Having a strong top laner is great for the team as they can easily lead allies into battle and ultimately, victory.

5 Best Top Laners in League of Legends Patch 12.3

1. Janna

Janna is currently one of the strongest top laners in High Elos. She sits at a 58% win rate and is played with Glacial Augment. Janna is able to CC, dish out a lot of damage and shield allies and towers. With Glacial Augment, Janna slows enemies and lowers enemy damage, allowing her teammates to follow up and secure the kill.

2. Nasus

Nasus has always been a popular top lane choice as each minion, monster and enemy kill grants him a stack. Nasus can become a powerful and indestructible champion to the point where he can 1 v 3 enemies and win. Nasus can also build AP and do a tremendous amount of damage on the enemy team.

3. Riven

Riven is a more difficult champion to play, but once players get the hang of her, she's incredibly strong. Riven has recently been a popular pick as she has been dominating the rift. Although Black Cleaver was nerfed, Riven gets less health but 30 Ability Haste, which goes a long way for this melee champ. Building tanky and AD items on Riven is the best way to go when playing top.

4. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo received some reworks last year and is currently ranked in the S-tier for top lane champions. Mundo is not necessarily known for his damage, but for his survivability. Mundo can become so tanky to the point where a 1 v 4 could take a couple of seconds to kill him. Dr. Mundo is a great champion to play top lane when the rest of the team is on the squishier side.

5. Urgot

Urgot has also been doing well in Summoner's Rift right now. He can dish out lots of damage in a short amount of time, is tanky and has an inescapable ultimate ability. Urgot was a popular top laner last year, and has continued to stay in the top tier list.