5 Best Warzone Blueprints of All Time

DBLTAP's all-time list of the top five weapon blueprints in the history of Call of Duty: Warzone.
DBLTAP's all-time list of the top five weapon blueprints in the history of Call of Duty: Warzone. / Image courtesy of Activision

The Call of Duty universe has had a pretty insane stretch of news related to it less than three months into 2022.

From Microsoft striking a deal to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson reportedly being in talks to make a Call of Duty movie, a Modern Warfare 2 reboot and a Warzone sequel being confirmed, and the series planning to skip an annual release for the first time since 2004, there's simply been a nauseating amount of headlines for COD fans to stomach so far this year.

Additionally, Activision just announced yesterday that they're making a version of Call of Duty: Warzone for mobile. As such, now would probably be as great of a time as ever to break down, reflect and chronicle some of the all-time best weapon blueprints from the iconic first-person shooter series.

The Five Best Call of Duty: Warzone Weapon Blueprints Ever

Of course, the concept of trying to make a list of the "best" Warzone blueprints of all time is impossible. However, hopefully, many can agree that at the very least, each of these entries has an argument to be in the conversion at all. Here are five of the best Warzone weapon blueprints of all time, according to DBLTAP.

5. Abnormality (LAPA)

If you've seen someone using the LAPA, in-game or on social media, chances are you've seen this blueprint. A Legendary-rarity blueprint, and the only one in general for the LAPA, this Abnormality skin is a surefire win for anyone looking to use one of the most underrated SMGs in the game.

4. Amplifire (C58)

One of the hottest weapon blueprints to use at the moment, the Amplifire skin is an Ultra rarity offering for the C58, which is one of the best weapons to use in Caldera and Rebirth island this season. It was first released in Season 5 (BOCW) with the White Noise Reactive Bundle for 1,600 COD Points.

3. Demo Kit (Type 100)

Considering the Type 100 has one of the most insane TTKs in the game at the moment, its Demo Kit Ultra-rarity blueprint from the Enjoy The Retreat Bundle is a great look. Especially when the Atomic camo is on there, you will undoubtedly have the best drip in the lobby.

2. Armored Strength (Cooper Carbine)

Releasing just this past month as part of the notorious Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Armored Titan Mastercraft Bundle, the Armored Strength Ultra blueprint for the Cooper Carbine is a no-brainer for any anime fans. The gun already shreds, but this skins makes it that much better thanks to its Neck Slash Dismemberment and Red Tracer VFX.

1. Red Laser (Automaton)

The Automaton's Red Laser Ultra-rarity blueprint was released in Season 1 (VG) as part of the Red Reactor Mastercraft Bundle and wow. This skin gives off straight-up Iron Man vibes. With the Red Tracers included and the way the gun actually performs at the moment, players with this skin are literally beaming people.

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