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5 Best Warzone Weapons of All Time... So Far

Warzone currently boasts over 80 weapons, but only a few will be remembered at the greatest of all time.
Warzone currently boasts over 80 weapons, but only a few will be remembered at the greatest of all time. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Warzone has seen a variety of weapons be the best in the game throughout its history. The game currently has over 80 weapons, from a wide range of different classes and each built with their own unique characteristics, available for players to equip.

Although Warzone's gameplay has evolved over time, and some weapons have seen their rises and falls, there are a few that can be named as the greatest of all time. These legendary weapons have seen their moments of glory, and some are even ingrained in the meta to this day. The following is a list of the five best Warzone weapons of all time, calling back to a time when they ruled Verdansk.

5 Best Warzone Weapons of All Time

Grau 5.56

A lightweight and maneuverable assault rifle that provides excellent range, the Grau 5.56 is a weapon that has proven to be deadly in the hands of many players. Although the Grau received a nerf at one point, it still remains one of the most reliable weapons in the game, offering exceptional accuracy, firepower, and mobility. To this day, it remains one of the best mid-range weapons in Warzone.

MK9 Bruen

The MK9 Bruen is a light machine gun that has historically excelled on the battlefield. It is known for being able to dominate enemies at at mid- and long-ranges, due to its large magazine size, exceptional recoil control, and high damage output.


Most Warzone players will recognize the R9-0 shotgun, as many have surely felt its blasts during close-quarters combat. The Dragon's Breath R9-0 loadout was a common sight to behold on Verdansk until it received a much-needed nerf, which reduced the shotgun's max damage as well as the tick damage from the notorious Dragon's Breath rounds.

DMR 14

The DMR 14 is a semi-auto tactical rifle with a great fire rate and minimal recoil. The gun was greatly overpowered at one point, leading it to be nerfed. For a while it was a common sight to see in Verdansk because of its low TTK, lack of recoil, high fire rate, and excellent range.


A full-auto assault rifle with a rapid fire rate, quick reloading speeds, and high damage output, the FFAR is currently one of the best weapons in the game after the Black Ops Cold War Season 2 update. With the right loadout, players can take advantage of the automatic weapon with the lowest TTK in the game and shred squads of enemies in mere seconds.