5 Biggest Changes in League of Legends Patch 11.13

Lunar Beast Viego
Lunar Beast Viego / Riot Games

Here are five of the biggest changes in League of Legends Patch 11.13, set to release on June 23, based on Mark Yetter's preview.

5 Biggest Changes in League of Legends Patch 11.13

Item Changes

Sanguine Blade has been replaced with a new item, Hullbreaker. It's likely Sanguine Blade was pretty much never bought, and Riot saw this as an opportunity to swap out Sanguine for something shinier.

The other item being added, Anathema's Chains, looks to be really strong. Not to say Hullbreaker doesn't look good, but Anathema's Tenacity-piercing style is interesting, and sure to be impactful.

Tahm Kench Mini-Rework

Similar to Ezreal or Shen of past, our favorite catfish, Tahm Kench has been hit with a mini-rework. The mini-rework aims to make him more viable in solo queue as well as turn him away from being picked just for his Devour for pro play.

Champion Buffs & Nerfs

Viego has been tweaked with a bit, adjusting his basic stats to make The Ruined King stronger in the jungle and nerf his currently very strong solo lane presence.

Here are the buffs:

  • Xayah: Q damage per dagger: 45-125 > 50-150
  • Aphelios: Aphelios P stats AD 4-24 > 5-30, P stats Lethality 3,5-21 > 2,5-27
  • Olaf: Health per level 93 > 100

Here are the nerfs:

  • Rumble: W cooldown 6 > 6-7 seconds. W movement speed 15-35 > 10-30%
  • Lee Sin: E damage 100-260 > 100-220
  • Riven: E shield 95-215 > 80-200

Nerfs to Mobility Items

Mobility is a contentious subject for League. If it wasn't enough that a whole host of champions have access to wicked forms of mobility, if they don't, they can buy items to grant them mobility, or bolster their already strong mobility. These item changes look to hit at (mostly) the best mobility items.

Items that only have had their movement speed reduced:

  • Shurelya's Battlesong
  • Cosmic Drive
  • Nimbus Cloak
  • Galeforce
  • Prowler's Claw

Items whose movement speed was nerfed, but other aspects of the item was buffed to make up for the MS loss:

  • Stridebreaker
  • Trinity Force
  • Lich Bane
  • Black Cleaver
  • Dead Man's Plate
  • Death's Dance

Slight Reduction in Item Costs

Probably the smallest note of Patch 11.13, a few mage items have been reduced in price slightly. Luden's Tempest, Liandry's Anguish, and Everfrost have all been reduced by 200 gold, from 3400g to 3200g. Mage players rejoice for cheaper core items!