5 Changes We Would Like to See in League of Legends Patch 10.14

Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer
Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer / Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.14 is still a week away, but we have created a list of five changes we would like to see included in the update. While the meta feels fairly stable at the moment, there are a few changes that Riot could implement to shake up the bot lane and make drafting more diverse. Here is a list of five changes we want to see Riot implement in Patch 10.14.

5 Changes We Would Like to See in League of Legends Patch 10.14

1: Nerf Ezreal

Ezreal thrives on the fact that he is able to spend most of laning phase in an extremely safe position. His unique combination of mobility and range make him tough to lock down, while also dealing immense amounts of poke damage. Currently, it feels as if Ezreal can simply do too much damage without having to take enough risks in lane. Nerfing Ezreal's damage would force Ezreal to have to commit more in lane and give him less of an "untouchable" feel.

2: Buff Xayah

Xayah has been one of League of Legends' most popular ADC's since her release. She currently is hovering around a 48.5% win rate, however, it feels as if one small buff could push her into viability. Xayah feels powerful in the mid and late game, but a change to bring some of that power into the early game would help to give the bot lane a new viable pick.

3: Nerf Volibear

After his recent rework, Volibear's position in the meta has been incredibly unstable. In Patch 10.11, Volibear owned a dismal 42.5% win rate, which has skyrocketed to 51% after a set of Patch 10.12 buffs.

Volibear feels a little too well-rounded in his capability to dive, stun, and deal damage effectively while also being one of League of Legend's harder champions to kill. Making Volibear a little more vulnerable would make him have to be more careful with his engages rather than diving into the back line every time his ultimate is off cooldown.

4: Rethink Yuumi's 10.13 Nerfs

Yuumi was one of League of Legends' most hated champions during the last few patches. She could heal allies for immense amounts of health while also remaining untargetable which made her extremely frustrating to play against.

Riot Games heavily nerfed Yuumi's ability to heal in Patch 10.13 and her win rate has dropped a whopping 5% as a result. Now owning a 45.83% win rate, it seems as if the feline support has been hit a little too hard by the recent nerfs and Riot should consider a small buff to find a middle ground between Yuumi's current state and the menace she was before Patch 10.13.

5. Completely Implement Patch 10.13's Additions to the Pregame Lobby

In Patch 10.13, Riot Games introduced features that would allow players to report and mute teammates in the pregame lobby. While the system is currently only implemented to collect data, it feels like a welcome addition the game and should hold players more accountable while drafting. Its time for Riot to use the new pregame feedback to punish players who hold your drafts hostage because they were auto-filled.