5 Clues for Overwatch Hero 31

Overwatch released Baptiste, its 30th hero, in mid-March. But Overwatch fans are never satisfied, turning immediately to scan through the data in search of who the next hero joining the cast will be.

Blizzard's typical approach is to lay teasers and clues only to subvert them in some way, setting up one character for a reveal just to pivot to another. Still, the clues are always there. Here are five hinting at the next Overwatch hero.

1. Cameo at the End of Storm Rising

The most obvious clue the community has to go on right now is the appearance of an all-new character at the end of Storm Rising, the PVE game mode released in the latest Archives event. The character appears aligned with Doomfist and Talon, but most else about him remains a mystery.

Still, his appearance gives a strong indication he'll appear again, and he would be unique in the Overwatch roster — the first Talon Omnic.

2. Jeff Kaplan's Shut Downs

In streams celebrating the Storm Rising event, Jeff Kaplan eliminated several popular theories about who the next hero would be. Out the window went Echo, Sojourn and Jetpack Cat, the last of which Kaplan reiterated would never be coming to the game.

The hero on the far left remains unknown
The hero on the far left remains unknown / MinuteMedia

3. Obscure Lore Appearances

While Jeff Kaplan may have rejected Sojourn out of hand, she may still hold a clue about who will join the game next. One of Sojourn's earliest appearances was in a photo released around Ana's arrival in-game showing the Overwatch team in their youth. Only one figure in the photo remains unknown.

While players long theorized he was Liao, one of the six founding members of Overwatch, Blizzard has confirmed that this was a different character altogether. It's not impossible this mystery character would be the next Overwatch hero.

4. Liao's Complete Absence

If the character in Ana's photo isn't Liao, the founding Overwatch member has likely never appeared anywhere in Overwatch. This may in fact count in their favor for their chances to be the next Overwatch hero, as it means their eventual reveal as a hero would be a more attractive surprise moment for Blizzard.

5. The Junker Queen Having a Voice Actress

The Junker Queen has been a lightning rod for speculation about the next hero since her likeness first appeared on Junkertown's walls. While Blizzard has remained quiet on the topic, her case to be a hero is bolstered by her already having an established voice actress after appearing in the Junkertown trailer.

None of these clues is anything close to conclusive, but the picture will become clearer as we near the hero's release, likely scheduled for July.

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Photos courtesy of Blizzard