5 League of Legends Events Riot Games Should do for the Rest of 2020

5 League of Legends Events Riot Should Do For the Rest of 2020
5 League of Legends Events Riot Should Do For the Rest of 2020 / Image via Riot Games

League of Legends events Riot Games should do for the rest of 2020 have some similarities to events that have already happened earlier this year. Riot Games added some unprecedented features this year and featured lore more than ever before. The Spirit Blossom event tied the release of a skin line into Ionian lore and the Volibear release trailer proved to be an exciting live streamed event.

For the rest of the year, Riot Games should put a focus on events that interact with the lore in a meaningful way or highlight a part of the game that is new and exciting. Let's take a look at what the developer can do to elevate events in the future.

5 League of Legends Events Riot Should Do For the Rest of 2020

Another Champion Reveal Event

Volibear's release was unlike any other we have seen before. The live stream element of the release, coupled with the artwork created hype for the new Volibear. With two new champions scheduled to release before the end of 2020, Riot Games should consider another live stream event to unveil them.

Interactive In-Game Elements

The Spirit Blossom event was successful for Riot Games for a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons was that the event gave players a way to interact with lore like never before. Players could walk "the path" shown in the teaser trailer and hold conversations with some of the champions in game. This would work especially well with the Blood Moon or PROJECT skin lines, as they have developed backstories that could be explored further.

Canon Skins

One of the other triumphs of the Spirit Blossom event was that players got to investigate the Ionian afterlife through skins. Since the skins were actually canon parts of the Ionian afterlife, players who are interested in the lore could experience some of their favorite champions in a new way.

Instead of playing Thresh as a torturous, undead, terror from the Shadow Isles, they could become "The Collector", a supernatural deity who tempts the souls of fallen warriors. Riot Games should consider creating events around skin lines that fit into the lore and allow us to explore some of Runeterra like never before.

Esports Integration

League of Legends has the benefit of a massive esports scene. While Riot Games does create Worlds-themed skin lines, let's expand the celebration of League of Legends' most competitive stage into a full blown event.

Riot Games could create A.I. scenarios to allow players to recreate some of the best plays from the professional scene or use the Clash system to give players a more competitive feel.

A More Interactive Summoner's Rift

Riot Games updated Summoner's Rift to promote events before. It's a great way to make the events feel more interactive and canon to the game. A criticism of the Spirit Blossom event was that it lacked some sort of interactivity in the actual game. Seeing the Spirit Blossom skins on an Ionian themed Summoner's Rift would have been perfect.