5 League of Legends Preseason 2021 Changes We Don't Want

5 League of Legends Preseason 2021 Changes We Don't Want to See
5 League of Legends Preseason 2021 Changes We Don't Want to See / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

The League of Legends Preseason 2021 update brought us a lot of exciting changes, a lot of them we love. But there are a few that are more, troubling. Before the game gets out of control, and a select few champions dominate the meta, let’s look at five changes we don’t want to see.

5 League of Legends Preseason 2021 Changes We Don't Want

1. Buffs to Assassins

Assassins are a tough class to balance. Either they’re oppressive or unplayable. It can seem like there’s no in-between for them. For the longest time, mid laners have been forced to play mages if they want to provide any utility for their team. Champions like Zed and Leblanc have been relegated to the sidelines. Now, with the item changes, there’s a chance they may come back into favor.

2. More Item Changes

All of the new items added are very exciting, and it is tempting to get carried away and say “This item is so OP,” when the meta hasn’t had any time to shape out yet. Riot Games should practice restraint in balancing. When an item is clearly broken then fix it, but if it is merely strong then it would wiser to wait a bit longer.

3. Sweeping Jungle Changes

Poor junglers. Every season they have to completely adjust their lives to something new. Every season junglers have the monsters they know so well changed. Their health changed, their jungle items changed, even their Smites changed. When will it stop? It is time to give our junglers a home they can really call home. Make small changes, not big ones that less skilled players will have extreme difficulty adjusting to.

4. More Expensive Skins

Don’t get us wrong, the Prestige Skins can be very cool, we all kind of wish we had one, deep down. But it seems like every skin that comes out now is highly priced. When was the last time a 750 RP skin was released? Where are the skins for people with just a little of cash to spare? When every skin is 1,350 RP it can be tough to justify the cost, especially when the meta is changing rapidly and there’s no guarantee the champion will even be viable next month.

5. OP New Champions

Riot Games has been teasing a new champion. The developer has a regular release cycle so we all knew this was coming. Our deepest desire is that this new champion will be released in a balanced state so that they don’t become totally overpowered right at release.