5 Most Cursed Skins in Overwatch

Some of the scariest and cursed skins from Overwatch were released with its annual Halloween event: Halloween Terror. Here are five of the most cursed skins that exist in-game.

5. Enchanted Armor Pharah


Everything about the Pharah skin screams "cursed." There is no head inside of her helmet, as players can clearly see in various emotes and highlight intros that are equipped with the skin. No one knows who or what possessed her armor so it could come back to life.

4. Banshee Moira


One look at this Moira skin makes it clear why it is one of the most cursed skins. The Banshee skin is based off of Irish folklore. A banshee is someone who heralds the death of a family member by wailing or screaming. With the sinister glowing of her eyes, and the marks over her body, it is clear fans will want to stay away from her.

3. Cultist Zenyatta


Zenyatta is known for peace and bringing tranquility to his team, but his Cultist skin appears to be the opposite of what Zenyatta stands for. The skin turns Zenyatta into a Cthulhu-looking hero. Even his voice lines for the skin invoke a cursed feeling to other players.

2. Pumpkin Reaper


Pumpkin Reaper is another skin that fits the cursed category perfectly. In promotional art for the event, Reaper is seen with his pumpkin head detached from his body. He is also one of the main bosses during the event's brawl, so it is fitting for Reaper's Pumpkin skin to be included in the list of cursed skins.

1. Jiangshi Mei


Mei's legendary Halloween Terror Skin is based off Chinese folklore and corpse "driving," which was used to transport corpses back to their homes for burial. The special way the corpses were transported would cause them to look as if they were hopping around, which helped inspire the folklore. A corpse can become possessed and because of how stiff it is, it will hop around with its arms outstretched. The jiangshi will need to kill people or animals to feed off their life force and continue living.

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Photos courtesy of Blizzard