5 MW3 Features Needed at Lauch to Excite the Fan Base

Here's 5 MW3 features we want to see at launch.
Here's 5 MW3 features we want to see at launch. / Activision

With the next Call of Duty title only a few months away, we are already envisioning 5 MW3 features needed at launch to excite the fan base.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, developed by Sledgehammer Games, is set to release on Nov. 10, 2023 major improvements to the game, including red dots, slide cancelling, and more. To make MW3 a true success, though, the game should include a handful of features at launch to gain the long-term interest of the community.

5 MW3 Features Needed at Lauch to Excite the Fan Base

Check out five MW3 features needed at launch to excite the fan base.

1. Ranked Play

Launching a comprehensive Ranked Play system at launch would immediately draw more players to MW3. The past Call of Duty titles have not included Ranked Play until months after release, and the long wait has both hurt the game and frustrated the fan base. Although MW2 provided the best Ranked Play structure and rewards in recent titles, the mode was so late in the game that it was hard to get excited about.

2. Great Maps

A new Call of Duty game is only as good as its maps. Recent titles have delivered forgetful, sometimes unplayable maps that negatively impact the game as soon as it launches. In fact, MW2 released what some call the worst map in Call of Duty history, Santa Sena Border Crossing. Not only do causal players want functional, well-designed maps, but professional players will be dying for better maps than MW2 offered.

Leaks suggest Terminal and Scrapyard will be making a comeback in MW3, which would be a huge win for the community. Although fans want new maps, a few classic choices will only add more great options to the game.

3. Zombies Mode

Zombies mode would be a great inclusion in MW3 to give fans a beloved mode to play besides multiplayer and Ranked. Leaks claim Zombies Outbreak 2.0, a successor to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak, could be featured in MW3. Zombies is a fun, low-stress mode to play with friends, and the perfect way to prolong the Halloween season.

4. Weapon and Operator Carry Over

After Activision announced Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera was shutting down, the community was outraged that they would lose all their purchased original Warzone cosmetics. Now, once MW3 launches, Activision has confirmed that all Operators, Blueprints, Calling Cards, and cosmetics will transfer to the new title. Starting a new game with your favorite cosmetics and Operators, along with most of your MW2 weapons and weapon Camos will make MW3 look and feel even better.

5. A Better Free Battle Pass

Recently, all the good Call of Duty cosmetics are only featured in the BlackCell Battle Pass, which costs $29.99. Not only does the BlackCell Battle Pass contain nicer skins, more COD Points, and a handful of Tier Skips, but it also has certain pay-to-win features, like Tactical Dog Merlin, that need to be eliminated from Call of Duty. MW3 will gain a lot of community love if they provide players with an elite Battle Pass that contains more than just old/refurbished Operators.