5 Overwatch Heroes Set to Dominate Role Queue

With role queue soon coming to Overwatch, as well as some balance changes upcoming for its release, there are some heroes who are going to become staple picks for the 2-2-2 meta.

Here are five Overwatch heroes who are set to dominate role queue.

5 Overwatch Heroes Set to Dominate Role Queue

5. Orisa

After a series of buffs over the past year, Orisa has been proving to be quite a force to be reckoned with on the ranked ladder. Players have been able to get tremendous use from her Halt! ability to displace enemy heroes, and she has the ability to mitigate crowd control thanks to her Fortify ability.

Orisa is arguably the strongest main tank currently in the game, and it is likely that her presence will influence bunker compositions to become more popular in competitive play.

4. Roadhog

With Orisa becoming more popular in competitive play, the best tank to play alongside her is Roadhog. When paired with Orisa, who can use "Halt!" to pull enemies who are behind shields or corners, Roadhog can utilize his Chain Hook to pull enemies who are halted.

This ability combination is deadly, and allows Roadhog to effectively pick off enemy heroes and push his team into an advantage. Thanks to his high sustainability with his self-healing skill "Take a Breather" as well as his extremely high damage output, Roadhog is set to be a staple hero in the upcoming 2-2-2 meta.

3. Mercy

Mercy was not popular during the GOATS meta due to her lower consistent healing output compared to some other supports who could heal in a larger area of effect in bursts. Although, with the GOATS meta coming to an end, Mercy will see much more usage.

Her ability to damage boost her allies will become increasingly important as breaking enemy shields and winning the shield war becomes a priority. She also has tremendous synergy with heroes who are strong in bunker compositions, and she can negate enemy picks by having the ability to resurrect an ally every 30 seconds. Things look promising for the future of Mercy play.

2. McCree

The western gunslinger of Overwatch received some heavy buffs in the past few months. His ultimate ability, Deadeye, received some rather significant damage ramp-up changes to make it more useful for securing target kills, and can be absolutely devastating to shields.

Additionally, McCree received some incredible buffs both his primary and secondary fire. When McCree Fans the Hammer, he deals significantly more damage to both shields and enemy players than before, allowing him to easily secure picks upon hitting someone with his Flashbang ability. He also received an extremely powerful buff to his primary fire rate, which has increased his overall damage per second astronomically. McCree will be the staple pick for damage players in the upcoming role queue meta.

1. Baptiste

In the past few months, players have been taking the time to learn how to play Baptiste, and much has been discovered about his potential. With bunker related heroes like Orisa, Roadhog, and Mercy becoming more viable with the upcoming changes, Baptiste will likely be one of the best characters in the game. He recently received buffs to his healing ammo count and his Amplification Matrix up-time. This allows Baptiste to not only have a greater healing output, but will also allow him to build his ultimate more quickly.

Amplification Matrix provides fantastic utility for a team who is trying to counteract an enemy push, and it also increases Baptiste's healing and damage output incredibly. This does not even touch upon his Immortality Field, which, when left alone, prevents his allies from being killed, and greatly increases the tanking capability of his team. Baptiste is surely going to be a lot more popular upon the release of role queue, and his presence will likely determine whether you win or lose a game.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard