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5 Rarest Warzone Weapon Blueprints

Here are the five rarest Blueprints in Warzone.
Here are the five rarest Blueprints in Warzone. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone's weapon Blueprints offer players the chance to trick out their gun of choice with flashy and attractive designs. But not all Blueprints are created equal. Some designs are rarer than others, often because they were available only for a limited time, or under special circumstances. Here are the five rarest Blueprints in Warzone.

5. Fluid Dynamics

Photo by Activsion

The Fluid Dynamics Blueprint was available for the Kar98k sniper rifle in Warzone Season 5. The Blueprint could be unlocked by completing a contraband contract, which required them to find the contract in a Warzone match, then deliver it safely to its destination. Other players could complete the contract first, but you could also kill enemy players and steal the contract from them.

4. Dawn to Dusk

Photo by Activision

The Dawn to Dusk Blueprint for the Fennec could only be unlocked by reaching Officer Level 155 in Warzone Season 5. The amount of grinding required gated plenty of players from reaching that tier, and now that the season's over, players won't be unlocking it again any time soon.

3. Gilded

The Gilded Blueprint for the Holger-26 gets its rarity from its age. Players could only unlock it by reaching Level 85 in the battle pass for the first season of Warzone. That battle pass was available in December of 2020, and is about as old as anything can be in Warzone. Only players who jumped into the game very early on could possibly have this Blueprint.

2. OG

Even older than the Gilded Blueprint, the OG Blueprint was available to players who hit Level 155 in the Season 0 battle pass. Given its incredibly high level requirement and its early addition to the game, this skin understandably remains one of the rarest in the game.

1. Hammer

Photo by Activision

Hands down the rarest Blueprint in Warzone, the Hammer Blueprint had a truly special unlock case. Only players who participated in the Warzone beta and reached level 10 unlocked the Blueprint. That means the smallest possible pool of players was active in the game at the time, making this Blueprint extremely rare.