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5 Things to Do Before Shadowlands 9.1

A peek at the new portion of The Maw, Korthia.
A peek at the new portion of The Maw, Korthia. / Activision Blizzard

Here are five things to do before Shadowlands Patch 9.1 is released for World of Warcraft!

5 Things to Do Before Shadowlands 9.1

Patch 9.1, Chains of Domination is releasing on June 29.

Sire Denathrius Quest Requirement

Currently, in order to begin the 9.1 quest chain, Sire Denathrius must be killed on any difficulty. If you don't fancy yourself a raider, hop into LFR for the last wing of Castle Nathria and slay the vampire! Keep in mind you need an item level of 170 to enter Sire Denathrius' chambers in LFR.

Grind Stygia

While you don't necessarily have to GRIND out Stygia, it would be nice to have a nice chunk on you in preparation for a certain vendor in Korthia. Korthian Armaments are the Shadowland's version of BFA's Benthic gear, an account-wide way to grab some catch up gear for your alts. If you and your alts are fully geared, or you don't care to have any alts, Korthian Stygia vendors will still sell cosmetics, a mount, and an ensemble for your Covenant.

Hoard + Grind Crafting Materials

Seeing as 9.1 will bring a whole host of new crafted gear, resources like ores and hides will very likely see an increase in price as demand calls for it. If you find yourself crafting really good gear for you or friends, keep crafting materials in mind. Even if you want to make a quick buck by selling a piece of gear or two on the auction house with all the crafting materials you hoarded, you will be in good shape!

Leveling Followers

As Shadowlands has continued. this expansion's iteration of the Command Table is decently lucrative. While it's no Warlords of Draenor situation (Blizzard is sure not to make that oversight again) in terms of raw gold attainable, with a few alts, you can make a pretty penny off of your Followers in Shadowlands. More Followers are sure to be found in Torghast and all around the Shadowlands, too.

Chill Until Patch Day

WHAT? Yeah. Despite a nice bit of things to do in preparation for 9.1, Blizzard always implements "catch-up mechanics" for players who haven't checked out the game as of recent. The aforementioned Korthian Arnaments serve as one of these catch-up systems. 9.1 will be extra good if you really build anticipation and then sink your teeth into it when the time comes.