5 Things We Don't Want in League of Legends Patch 10.6

While League of Legends Patch 10.6 is still a while away, here are the five things we don't want in League of Legends Patch 10.6.
While League of Legends Patch 10.6 is still a while away, here are the five things we don't want in League of Legends Patch 10.6. / Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.6 is next on the docket for fans of Riot Games' hit MOBA. Season 10 has certainly had its fair share of changes, but fans are hoping for some normalcy now as more and more patches get released.

While League of Legends Patch 10.6 is still a while away, here are the five things we don't want in the next patch.

5 Things We Don't Want in League of Legends Patch 10.6

1. More "New" Junglers

On League of Legends Patch 10.4, a number of champions who had never really been junglers, like Darius, Garen, Gnar, and Zed, received substantial buffs to bring them into the jungle. Even more buffs were given out on Patch 10.5 to Poppy and Mordekaiser, but each round of buffs hasn't increased the diversity of the champion pool in the jungle.

That's because the jungle is structured around only a limited number of champions with a strong level 3 kit due to the lack of gold and experience offered by the jungle camps. From levels 1 to 3, early game junglers like Lee Sin, Elise, Rek'Sai, and Jarvan IV can pull off successful ganks when their opponents are nearly even in levels. But, level 6 junglers have to delay those ganks and by that time the enemy laner is already two levels ahead of them.

That power disparity is what makes champions like Malphite, Kha'Zix, Nocturne and Evelynn relatively unplayable in the current meta. Instead of trying to add more junglers through champion by champion buffs, jungle camps should be changed to allow more level six junglers back into the meta.

2. An Overpowered Wukong Rework

The Wukong rework has been teased on the Public Beta Environment for several weeks, but it looks like he may be coming to live servers on Patch 10.6 or Patch 10.7. With the hype surrounding the rework, it's important that the champion remain balanced. The tendency has been to make reworked champions substantially stronger than most other champions in the game, with Mordekaiser, Urgot, and Aatrox being prime examples of that phenomenon.

If Wukong is released to live servers as a solo queue menace, then players will quickly push for nerfs that may push him to the opposite end of the spectrum. Balancing a champion is difficult, but for a champion that's seen so little of the spotlight, getting it right is a top priority.

3. Another Round of Sett and Ornn Nerfs

Hear me out, Sett and Ornn are not the reason why top lane is in a terrible state. In fact, they arguably are a bright spot that shows what top lane can become if the proper changes are made. Top laners, and specifically bruisers, have historically had some of the most expensive items in the game. Trinity Force, Sterak's Gage, and Ravenous Hydra all cost over 3,000 gold, while items for mid laners, supports, and tanks are all generally less.

This gold disparity allows supports like Janna, Sona, and Soraka to go top and lose lane terribly while still hitting their items quicker than their opponent. Ornn and Sett are both gold efficient: Ornn because of the upgraded items he gets from Living Forge (Passive) and Sett because of how well Trinity Force works with his entire kit.

Changing the cost of items for top laners may be a viable solution, but nerfing Sett and Ornn will only mask the problem in top lane.

4. Nerfs to Unique Champions Shining in Their Roles

On a similar note, champions that are often unseen in League of Legends should be able to enjoy their time in the spotlight when it offers a unique and positive impact on the game. For example, when Bard came from out of nowhere to be one of the best supports on Patch 10.4, he should have been allowed to shine and the meta should have been allowed to change around him. Instead, he was immediately nerfed and relegated to obscurity once more.

Rare champions should be rewarded, not punished, for serving as a counter-balance to a meta dominated by tank supports and level 3 junglers. Allowing these champions to shine will help the game remain fresh and keep players enjoying the experience.

5. Another Stale Meta

Not much has changed at all in Season 10 when it comes to the top champions in each role. Each position has two or three champions that are strong, even as champions like Aphelios, Senna, Sett, and Ornn have received nerfs, nothing has really changed. In order to avoid a stale meta, Patch 10.6 should allow certain outliers to continue to perform well when they serve to answer a champion that's strong in the current meta.

For example, Kalista started to make her way back into competitive play on Patch 10.3 and should be allowed to stay viable because of her ability to challenged the tradition Ezreal, Aphelios, Varus, and Miss Fortune meta. That's the kind of thing players want to see on Patch 10.6.