5 Things We Don't Want in Valorant Patch 2.11

These 5 things aren't the best idea for Valorant
These 5 things aren't the best idea for Valorant / Photo by Riot Games

After the recent announcement that Valorant won't be releasing a Patch 2.10, the community is looking ahead to Patch 2.11, some optimistic about potential changes to the game and its meta, and others worried that developers might ignore much-needed areas of change, or going further, and making a bad problem worse. Whether you're elated or frightened, here's some changes that Valorant players definitely don't want to see.

5 Things We Don't Want in Valorant Patch 2.11

1. Not Addressing Connection Issues

One consistent issue among the Valorant player base has been Riot's handling of disconnection-related problems, and specifically, players receiving temporary bans related to game crashes and WiFi drop-offs. Riot is attempting to punish those who rage quit, and leave their teams in the lurch, but is instead hurting players who just want to play the game. Addressing this issue is priority number one.

2. Performance and FPS Issues

Like the connection problems, fans and players have noticed that even on their beefy PCs, FPS has dropped consistently, and for some, that makes the game nearly unplayable. Making sure performance is optimized for all players, regardless of computer specs, is necessary.

3. Major Nerfs to Agents

With each patch, adjustments are necessary to ensure one Agent isn't clearly overpowered, but that can also go too far, and make an Agent worthless in the eyes of many players. With supreme Agents like Jett, Raze, and Sova, making sure they balance nerfs and quality-of-life changes is important.

4. Major Buffs to Agents

The other side is major buffs to Agents, which can also leave players who aren't devastating everything in their wake unsatisfied. If you're automatically at a disadvantage simply because the opponent selects a particular Agent, that buff isn't for the benefit of everyone.

5. Ignoring Community Requests and Feedback

This one made an appearance on our previous 5 Things, but still rings true, and most likely will continue to be relevant. Community engagement is incredibly important, and responding to what the community wants, whether it's agreeing or disagreeing, is a massive part of maintaining a game's popularity. Going forward, hopefully Riot Games and Valorant will improve at this aspect.