5 Things We Don't Want to See in Valorant Patch 3.07

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

With Valorant Patch 3.06 launching recently, there are many new features that fans are happy to get their hands on. However, there are also a lot of issues that many hoped would get addressed that simply haven't. From gameplay changes to map reworks, here are five things we don't want to see when Patch 3.07 rolls out.

5 Things We Don't Want to See in Valorant Patch 3.07

1. Fracture to Stay the Same

Between community feedback and a map-breaking glitch of the bomb spawning in inaccessible areas, the rollout of Fracture has been a bit of a mess. The map cannot stay the same as it currently is if Riot wants to avoid having it labeled as its first truly bad map. The randomness of the multisided attack makes offense extremely powerful, and until changes are made to the map similar to those made to make Split more even between both sides, the map will never be looked at favorably.

2. Post Plant Meta

Made popular after Viper entered the meta, the ability for entire teams to sit outside of a site and win off of mollys and ultimates takes a lot of the fun and skill out of playing offense in Valorant, but as long as the abilities of Viper, Killjoy KAY-O and Brimstone can all be run in the same lineup with no counter this issue will still be encountered quite often. Seeing a character who can negate these abilities might be nice, but that feels like an ability that would be too similar to KAY-O so the likelihood that something like that is put into the game is low.

3. Run and Gun Dominance

This has been a major issue since the launch of Valorant, and despite constant complaining by all parts of the player base, it has not been changed. The ability for someone to sprint into a gunfight and randomly one tap a player who was patiently holding an angle correctly is a horrible look for a game that prides itself as a tactical shooter. Too often do players find themselves the victims of moving headshots from distance to the point where it was at once a viable strategy to never stop moving when using the Phantom. While it has been curbed a bit, the issues of random sprays in Valorant have allowed this issue to persist.

4. Tagging Speed

Another long-standing issue in Valorant is the slowness effect on a player when they are hit with a bullet. It is a common mechanic to be slowed by a bullet in shooter games, but not on the level of Valorant. it is almost impossible to disengage from a fight once hit. When shot in the foot, it makes the player move like they have lost use in both of their legs. In these situations, there is no route to escape, a very annoying feature in the game that many have been frustrated with. Even through walls, being grazed by a bullet gives this effect, and it can lead to very unfortunate deaths.

5. Random Spray Control

Valorant developers have been vocal saying they do not want all guns to be 100% accurate or have completely predictable recoil. This has been met with much pushback from players and is something many hope they will eventually walk back. For a game that prides itself on being a tactical shooter, having guns with bloom and main rifles without first shot accuracy is not very tactical. Putting recoil control more in line with CS:GO's would make for a much less random game, something most players would like to see.