5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 11.14

Gnar having the time of his life
Gnar having the time of his life / Riot Games

As League of Legends' patch cycle comes to a close for Patch 11.13, Patch 11.14 will bring a host of new changes, releasing on July 7.

5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 11.14

Irelia changes to land

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Aviator Irelia / Riot Games

Maybe it's been enough time since Irelia has been out of the spotlight that some are feeling nostalgic to the Ionian master of blades.

Irelia was a menace when her initial rework was released back in spring of 2018, and had been a point of contention for the balance team, being one of the tougher champions to get right.

In Patch 11.14, Irelia is seeing the biggest changes since her rework. Her Bladesurge (Q) dash speed has been reduced greatly, her Flawless Duet (E) has a strict travel time of 0.25s, instead of being based on distance between the two blades, and notably it cannot be casted during your Q animation.

It's hard to say the impact this rework will have, but it's interesting for Riot to take Irelia in a slightly different direction.

More Ultimate Spellbook fun

Ultimate Spellbook has Lulu's ultimate coming on, as well as teleport being reenabled. Additionally, there's a new Dragon UI for the game mode's unique version of dragon.

Some hit to Enchanters

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Odyssey Sona / Riot Games

Right now, enchanters remain the premiere class in the support role. Not to say that the likes of Brand, Zyra, Xerath, or Vel'Koz can't be good in support, because they most certainly can.

The issue that comes up with an enchanter meta is that the ADCs the enchanters are paired with become completely roided out and a nightmare to deal with. A well positioning Kog'Maw sporting the newer tank build with a Lulu by his side makes for a hair-pulling experience if your comp has nothing to counter the picks.

Additionally, picks like Janna, Nami, Sona, and Soraka are all super strong in their own right, meaning it's not just Lulu you have to worry about, While this is a far cry from the juiced out gold numbers supports were getting during the 2018 Ardent Censer meta, players are feeling the full effect of enchanters.

Meaningful item changes

With the release of the new Hullbreaker and Anathema's Chains, players are still getting the hang of the best way to utilize these new items.

The addition of newer items means builds ideally become more diverse, or at the very least you have a wider arsenal of situational items at your disposal.

With the reduction of price in many of the mythical Mage items last patch, the power of a pick like ADC Swain (just the role, not building AD items) rose in priority greatly.

Some love to the neglected champs

League of legends 5 things we want in patch 11.14. Patch 11.14 league of legends. Patch 11.14 release date. patch 11.14 lol
Ryze's default skin splash art / Riot Games

A champion like Ryze has really had the short end of the stick following his dominance at 2019 Worlds. Doinb and many other premiere mid laners at the tournament showed how cracked the runic mage can be in the right hands.

Since Ryze has been out of the spotlight for nearly two years now, he has seen some changes here and there, but Riot continues to scratch their heads at what to do with this rework machine.

It's very unlikely we will see anything about Ryze in Patch 11.14, but one can dream!