5 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.07

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Valorant Patch 3.06 has just launched, and with it a slew of changes to both maps and characters. With Riot finally nerfing posterchild Jett, many fans are now left wondering how they can further put the game in to balance. With all eyes now on Patch 3.07 coming in the future, here are five things that fans would like to see when it launches.

5 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.07

1. Yoru Buff/Rework... Please?

Yoru has been at the bottom of every Agent tier list since he was put into the game months ago, and that has not changed. In fact the gap between him and other Agents has only grown over time. Yoru needs multiple buffs or a complete rework, and soon. Riot had said they were working on changes but they got pushed back a few patches ago, and there has been no word on them since. Fans want to use the trickster duelist but are unable to as of now because he simply adds so little value.

2. More Jett Nerfs

Riot finally decided to stop letting Jett mains right click their way to Radiant by balancing out Jett a bit, but she will still command the meta. Her dash ability is more useful than Yoru's ultimate, and her knives are still a 3 shot kill with the left click. She is also the best Agent when it comes to utilizing the Operator. Until something is done about any or all of these issues, Jett will continue to dominate the meta.

3. Operator Buff

In continuation from the problems with Jett, the Operator needs some changes. The gun is completely different when it is in the hands of a Jett, compared to any other Agent. The only top team running someone other than Jett with an Operator is 100 Thieves. They sometimes let Joshua "Steel" Nissan use it while playing Killjoy, and it rarely works out. The gun needs to be separated from Jett, and this can be done in a few ways. Jett being nerfed is an easy solution, but other fixes could be to give the Operator more mobility, or to reduce the price back to it's original 4500 credits. The gun is clunky in any other Agents hands, and that needs to change.

4. Map Select

With the addition of the new map Fracture, Valorant now has seven unique sandboxes for players to do battle in. Now that there is some variety in maps, it is time for Riot to do the right thing and add the ability for players to choose what maps they wish to play. Earlier in development it was said this feature wasn't added due to a lack of maps to play but that is no longer the case. Riot has also pushed back on this by saying that some maps wouldn't get played much if they implemented this option... yeah that's the idea. Every map added to Valorant after Ascent has seen major pushback, and while Icebox now seems to be tolerated by the community, Breeze has not had the same luck. Fracture on the other hand has seen very few positive reactions at all in the community, with many feeling that the developers are trying to get too cute with the map gimmicks. Players' opinions on maps may differ, and it will only ruin the experience for others if some are forced to play maps they don't enjoy.

5. The Entire Controller Category

Controllers as a whole right now are in an interesting spot. Astra and Viper are seeing a lot of top level play due to their dominating map presence, but it is Omen who has seen the most damaging nerfs recently. Riot has their reasons for making changes to Agents when they do, but this has created a clear difference in value in the controller category. Omen and Brimstone as currently played provide little in comparison to Viper and Astra, and it really isn't close. Omen at least had time to shine in the beginning of Valorant, but Brimstone has been cast to the side since launch. It would be great to see each controller actually have their own situations to be useful, and different niches to give each an edge in some way, but right now that is just not the case. Either Viper and Astra need to be toned down, or Omen and Brimstone need to be buffed.