5 Tips for Performing the Best in PUBG Duos

PUBG solos can be a truly punishing experience. Any stray bullet can put you back at the title screen, all your hard work erased in an instant. PUBG duos are much more forgiving in that way, but they require a different set of skills to take home the win. Here are five tips for performing the best in PUBG duos.

1. Call Out Enemies and Loot

The first and most obvious step to success in a duo is to communicate quickly and clearly any relevant information. That means telling your partner whenever you see an enemy that could cause trouble, whenever you find loot you don’t need. Doing both will help keep game awareness up, and help fill out kits and backpacks.

2. Make and Execute a Game Plan

Once you’ve got a handle on your kits, you and your partner can start to form a plan of action. If you’ve both got sniper rifles, you can go for long range engages. If on has an assault rifle and the other a submachine gun, you can decide on a destination with close combat and look to scoop new gear. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s based on the in-game situation, and stick to it unless you both change the plan.

3. Don't Engage Without Communicating

When stumbling on an enemy in PUBG, especially one that doesn’t see you, it can be tempting to take the shot as soon as possible. This is a risky proposal, as it doesn’t allow time to spot out that enemy’s partner, and a missed shot can mean a world of trouble for your duo.

Bringing your partner in on the information right away can let you line up twice the firepower when you start shooting, raising the chance that you’ll wipe away the enemy before they get a chance to respond and strengthening your position.

4. Share Loot

When an enemy goes down, don’t be a loot vulture. Your partner and you are on a team. Having 400 bullets means little if your buddy’s all out. Make sure you identify what each of you needs, and loot accordingly.

5. Have Fun (Don't Tilt)

This may sound like non-advice, but it's actually crucial. The best part of playing duos is that your partner is likely your friend. Take advantage of that by cracking jokes and keeping the mood light. This will help save you both from the bottomless pit of tilt to which PUBG can banish players. In a long session, this will raise your chances of winning substantially, and make the wins all the sweeter.

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Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp