5 Worst Agents in Valorant Patch 3.06

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

While Patch 3.06 of Valorant brought many welcome balance changes, some characters were not touched that really needed a bump in terms of strength. The bottom tier of Valorant's Agent list was not really shifted much, in fact seeing some characters not being buffed in this update was shocking for some. Here are the five worst Agents currently in Valorant after Patch 3.06

5 Worst Agents in Valorant Patch 3.06

5. Breach

While Breach for many players is the most annoying Agent to go up against, he really is not nearly as impactful as many other agents in the game, and after KAY-O was buffed, he is now most definitely the worst Initiator in the game. His flash is still quite impactful, but the rest of his kit can be described as nothing more than inconvenient. The two stuns he has can both be avoided pretty easily on many maps, and even if they do hit a player, it is not uncommon for a victim of Rolling Thunder to get a lucky tap shot onto an opposing player. Breach really is annoying to play against, nothing more. he can be effective in the right hands, but many Agents fill his role better.

4. Phoenix

Like Breach, Phoenix is not inherently a bad Agent. Unfortunately, his role is simply done better by others in the Agent pool. Phoenix's flashes having such a limited range really hurt his effectiveness as an entry, and his fire-based abilities either don't do enough damage or don't last long enough to impact a round. His ult is incredibly useful in certain situations but is more about gathering info than anything, and some free abilities do the same thing.

3. Cypher

Cypher suffers again from having his toes stepped on by other Agents, but unlike Phoenix and Breach, he is genuinely a weak Agent. His traps are now easily recognizable by most players and his camera spots are known as well. The element of surprise Cypher's traps used to give are no longer there as players have learned where the best spots are for them. His ultimate is probably the worst in the game as well, as it provides useful information, but free abilities like the recon dart of Sova do the same thing but even better. There are very few situations where Cypher is usable in Valorant right now, and he would need some sweeping changes to get back in the meta.

2. Brimstone

This part of the list is where the Agents are genuinely bad. Brimstone is by far the worst non Yoru Agent in the game, and he would comfortably be the worst Agent in Valorant if Yoru wasn't simply useless. His smokes are the weakest of any controller due to their smaller size and limited range. His stim and molly can give value, but they don't give nearly enough to give him any playability. His ultimate can zone incredibly well, but is easily avoidable and doesn't last long enough to bring enough value. Like the smokes, his ultimate also suffers from limited range. Brimstone needs a lot of changes to become useable over any other smoke-centric character, starting with addressing his range issues.

1. Yoru

Yoru deserves a bottom five list all to himself. This Agent was underpowered since he was introduced into the game and Riot has done nothing to help that fact since then. Every part of Yoru's kit is underwhelming other than his ultimate, and even that is just mediocre. His footstep ability is borderline unusable, as most players know that they are fake due to the different sounding footsteps. His teleport is not bad on its own, but its large audio radius as well as its ability to be seen from a somewhat decent range causes this ability to be very difficult to use and provides minimal profit. Yoru players will almost always have to invest at least a flash along with the teleport to make sure they aren't shot in the head the moment he activates it. Riot has said that a rework is coming for this Agent, and it cannot come soon enough. Every ability he has needs change to make him viable, but for now, he is at the bottom of this list by a considerable margin.