5 Worst Apex Legends Skins of All Time

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

This five worst Apex Legends skins of all-time list are here to break down, reflect, and chronicle in history some of the most questionable character cosmetics to ever drop in the game.

Of course, the concept of trying to make a list of the "worst" Apex Legends skins of all time is impossible. However, hopefully, many can agree that at the very least, each of these entries has an argument to be in the conversion at all. Here is our list of the five all-time worst skins in Apex Legends.

5 Worst Apex Legends Skins of All Time

5. Hack Frost (Crypto)

You can't really dock too many points off this one considering the specific theme it was going for in the first place, but you also can't that it's necessarily a delightful thing to look at either.

4. Angel City Hustler (Mirage)

A skin that is pretty polarizing in that players either love it or hate it, the Angel City Hustler skin doesn't really feel like a Legendary skin to us. Its tech wear-vibe is cool but it's silhouette is not all that different from the default skin, compared to those such as Night Crawler.

3. Apex Overdrive (Bangalore)

Considering a lot of the community believes Bangalore has gotten the short end of the stick thus far in terms of available skins, this Apex Overdrive is not completely chalked. The colors are clean and the theme is definitely Legendary-worthy. However, the mask and the bulkiness kind of just throws the whole thing off.

2. Surplus Acceleration (Octane)

A Legendary Exclusive-rarity skin for Octane, the Surplus Acceleration is likely not worth the 10,500 Legend Tokens needed to craft it. Being that the Speed Demon skin is required to get this skin, which costs 1,800 Apex Coins or 1,200 Crafting Material itself, it's likely best to leave the "carrotane," "vomited-up Cheetos" skin on the shelf.

1. Shell-Shocked (Gibraltar)

Another instance where the colors don't really mesh all that well, the green, yellow, burnt orange combo makes Gibraltar look pretty wacky. This skin requires the much-cleaner Ride or Die skin and 6,500 Legend Tokens to craft.