5 Worst Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 10.14

Tristana, the Yordle Gunner
Tristana, the Yordle Gunner / Image via Riot Games

Bot lane duos require a lot of synergy and teamwork in order to win lane. With powerful duos such as Xayah and Rakan that have incredibly synergistic kits, drafting a compatible bot lane is extremely important to winning games. What happens, however, when you lock in a terrible bot lane?

For this list, we took a look at bot lane duos that combined weak champions with opposite kits. We also excluded obvious troll picks such as Master Yi AD carry. Let's take a look at League of Legends Patch 10.14's worst bot lane duos.

5 Worst Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 10.14

Kog'Maw and Pyke

While Pyke isn't the weakest support on this list, this duo just has completely opposite goals in lane. Kog'Maw is best known as a late game hyper-carry that usually finds his power spike after two or three items.

As a result, Kog'Maw has a weak early game and looks to play very passively and farm until he can carry the game. Pyke is the literal opposite, as he has to look for plays from level one or else he gets poked out of lane. No matter how you play, this bot lane is sure to force one of its champions into a sub-optimal play style and likely not fare well.

Kalista and Yuumi

While Kalista is one of League of Legends' hardest AD carries to play, she can be extremely powerful in the right hands. The main issue with this comp is that Yuumi's play style basically renders Kalista's ultimate, Fate's Call (R), useless.

This ability allows Kalista to throw the champion she is bound to forward, stunning enemies that are hit. This works best with tanks as it can give them one extra hard engage to start a fight. The problem is Yuumi spends most of her time attached to her ADC which makes her untargetable and unable to utilize this spell. Even if Kalista throws Yuumi into the enemy team, she is one of League of Legends' easiest champions to kill and likely will be demolished within seconds.

Kai'sa and Fiddlesticks

While Kai'sa is an extremely strong ADC pick, she practically has zero synergy with Fiddlesticks. Kai'sa is regarded as a late-game hyper carry and usually looks to farm in the early game. Meanwhile, Fiddlesticks support is almost entirely centered around finding good uses of his ultimate in order to apply AoE crowd control and significant damage that his ADC can easily follow up and find a kill.

The issue with this duo is that it is so weak before level six that it really can't do anything besides farm under tower. Picking this duo will likely result in losing the first dragon or two and almost certainly dying if the enemies land any sort of hard engage. Both champions have potent kits and can be good when used properly, however, they form a terrible duo and should not be picked together.

Tristana and Soraka

While Tristana is weak in the current meta, this lane tends to expose itself to ganks and roams. Tristana's Explosive Charge (E) passively deals cleave damage which makes it difficult to execute freezes and letting enemies push the wave. Since the wave is almost always pushing enemies under tower, the duo is often very exposed to ganks.

Tristana can Rocket Jump (W) to safety, but Soraka is highly immobile and struggles to peel herself. Playing against this lane is easy, as enemies can just set up a freeze near their tower. This forces Tristana and Soraka to either miss out on a ton of farm or step up in the lane and risk dying. The two champions have completely different play styles and are extremely hard to play together.

Jhin and Braum

This is probably the best duo on this list, but it still is less than ideal for trying to win ranked games. Braum's passive stuns enemies after four auto attacks and works well with champions who have high attack speed.

Jhin has a very slow rate of fire and has to reload after every four auto attacks. If he is trying to activate Braum's stun and has to reload, forget it. While Braum's ultimate may give Jhin a pretty good opportunity to find a kill, he has so much more potential with other ADCs and this pairing should be avoided if possible.