5 Worst Top Laners in League of Legends Patch 10.14

Ryze, the Rogue Mage
Ryze, the Rogue Mage / Image via Riot Games

The five worst top laners in League of Legends Patch 10.14 list examines which picks you should absolutely avoid when playing solo queue. Currently, the top lane is dominated by juggernauts such as Darius and Garen--two champions that can effectively dish out damage while remaining a reliable front line presence.

Our picks for worst top laners of Patch 10.14 will be champions that either cannot win lane by themselves or have losing match ups against most of the popular picks this patch. Lets find out which champions you should avoid picking whenever possible in the top lane!

5 Worst Top Laners in League of Legends Patch 10.14


Ryze top is a very old pick that brings many players back to the first days of League of Legends. He has decent wave clear and is pretty sturdy for a mage. The biggest issue with Ryze playing top in Patch 10.14 is that he struggles mightily against tanks. Unless he gets ahead, he just cant keep up with the amount of health and healing that most tanks in Patch 10.14 possess. For example, Ryze currently holds an unbelievable 38.99% win rate against Dr. Mundo. If you feel the need to lock in a tank mage, give Vladimir a try instead.


Riot Games has had a very tough time balancing the post-rework version of Akali. She seems to constantly bounce between being overpowered and under-tuned. In this patch, Akali is weak again and there are picks who will reward you more for the skill expression it takes to play Akali well. Like Ryze, she struggles against tanks unless ahead and wilts in the presence of crowd control. Give Fiora or Camille a try instead--their ability to reliably win one on ones will let you have an incredible split pushing presence.


In solo queue, its important to always be making an impact on your games. Picking Zac top can be tough sledding because he is incapable of finding kills without a gank in a lot of his matchups in the current patch. Zac is a sturdy tank and has loads of utility, but he cannot deal a lot of damage and will almost certainly lose lane to juggernauts such as Darius and Garen. League of Legends forces you to rely on your teammates sometimes, but picking a top laner who cant find a kill unless the jungler helps out is not an advisable solo queue strategy.


Like Ryze, Cho'Gath is one of League of Legends' older champions and has a long history in the top lane. When played properly, Cho'Gath scales into an absolute bulwark who can take an absolute beating. The problem with Cho'Gath is not in the champion design--its just a really bad meta for him. Cho'Gath struggles against Darius, Garen, Urgot, and Illaoi, four premier top picks in Patch 10.14. Until the meta is more favorable for him, Cho'Gath mains should give Ornn a try, as he fills the role of unsinkable top laner a little better at the current moment.


Warwick has no reliable wave clear which allows other top laners to shove wave after wave under his tower. Additionally, Warwick benefits from being able to sense low health enemies from Blood Hunt (W). This makes him great at finding ganks in the jungle, though he cannot reliably roam from the top lane because he is constantly pushed under his own tower.