Former Renegades Player Remilia Shares Story Behind Her Sex Reassignment Surgery

​Maria "Remilia" Creveling was the first ever female League of Legends player to play in the LCS. She had a bright future in the league, as she helped carry Renegades from the Challenger Series to the NA LCS, but her LCS career was cut short.

In a move that caught the League of Legends community by surprise, Renegades was banned from Riot-sanctioned events. Riot Games said that "Renegades management has been found to have knowingly violated the competitive ban against ​Chris Badawi, misrepresented their relationship with TDK, and compromised player welfare and safety."

Badawi was already banned by Riot Games, but the organization added to their statement, saying that he "will be permanently banned from association or affiliation with any team or organization participating in a Riot-sanctioned league."

There were plenty of details that Riot Games left out of their decision to ban Renegades, but thanks to Creveling, some of those details, regarding player welfare and safety, have been revealed.

On Twitter, Creveling revealed the conditions of her gender reassignment surgery that she claims was paid for by Badawi. She went into detail about how the surgery was conducted, and what her recovery process has been like.

​​Countless members of the League of Legends community have voiced their support for Creveling opening up about this, and offered words of encouragement.

There has been no response yet from Riot Games, or Badawi on the matter.

UPDATE 9:56 a.m. ET Tuesday: Chris Badawi issued a response on the League of Legends subreddit. 

"First of all let me say I am extremely saddened at the difficulties Maria's surgery has caused her. But to clear up what seems to be a large amount of confusion, and to those who want to really know the truth of what happened, I would appreciate the opportunity to explain it.

Maria needed and demanded quite a bit of special treatment from the very start of challenger series onward. Things like not participating in team photo shoots, not being on camera when on stage, many hours of emotional support, alone time at the cost of scrims, her own room, etc all of which were obliged readily. In the middle of the split Maria informed me she would not go on stage if we made LCS until she had her sexual realignment surgery. Because I truly cared about her I told her that "OK, if we make LCS, I will pay for your surgery." It was a personal promise - I cared about her and wanted her to play in the LCS if she achieved that goal."

You can read the rest of his response ​here.

UPDATE 5:21 a.m. ET Tuesday:Creveling issued a response on Twitter to Badawi's statement.

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Photo courtesy of Riot Games