5 Most Difficult League of Legends Champions to Defeat

Everyone has their own personal kryptonite, but some League of Legends champions are difficult for anyone to play against. Here are the five toughest champions to defeat in League of Legends right now.

5. Warwick

Warwick is a monster in solo queue right now, garnering a ban in 34.6 percent of ranked games. Warwick has one of the strongest early game jungle clears, able to healthily clear all of his camps. This gives him insane early game presence because he doesn't need to back after taking camps and can instead go impact his lanes.

His ganks are also strong because he has increased movement speed from Blood Hunt and has a one second fear at the end of Primal Howl. Jaws of the Beast also gives Warwick a way to stay on top of a target as well as a means to jump behind an enemy thus giving him control over which way they flee. After Level 6, Infinite Duress only gives him stronger ganks, making him one of the most difficult champions to play against. 

4. Darius

Darius is not fun to play against in the 1-v-1 top lane. He has a lot of early game damage compared to many top laners, and his passive is sheer madness. Being able to stack up bonus bleed damage from his auto attacks seems to be a powerful tool against other melee champions, not to mention at full stacks he reapplies all stacks for a big chunk of damage.

After Level 6, it only gets worse because of the reset mechanic on Noxian Guillotine. This means even if a jungler ganks, there is a pretty good chance Darius can turn it around and win the 1-v-2 because of the cooldown reset from Noxian Guillotine. Darius can definitely be kited in the late game by a mobile ranged champ but often gets extremely far ahead by that point

3. Katarina

A skilled Katarina player is one of the most frustrating things to deal with in the game. She has absurd mobility, being able to jump around multiple times during fights. This of course makes it extremely difficult to land skill shots against her and is one of the main reasons she is so difficult to play against. 

If it were just high mobility she would not be so scary but once Katarina completes her Hextech Gunblade she can effectively one shot an ADC. This then allows her to snowball into more items until she eventually gets to the point where she can one shot multiple people during fights, largely due to her cooldown reduction on kills. As a result, Katarina is banned in 23 percent of games because players just don't want to deal with her.

2. Yasuo

If Yasuo has even one teammate that can provide an AoE knock up he feels borderline broken to play against. His mobility isn't quite as instant as Katarina but is still very evident, both in team fights and whenever there are minions around. Additionally the fact that one of his abilities can critically strike results in a lot of moments where players feel that they lost to bad luck rather than skill.

On top of all that, Windwall is one of the strongest abilities in the game. Being able to stop projectiles mid air gives a huge potential for Yasuo players to outplay their opponents while making him feel very oppressive to play against in certain match ups. 

1. Zed

Zed is currently the most banned champion with a staggering 46.3% ban rate. With both Conqueror and Electrocute available, Zed just feels too strong at the moment in solo queue. He has good wave clear at all stages of the game since he is an AD champion and therefore his auto attacks deal a significant amount of damage to minions.

​​Despite being a solid laner it is really his pick potential that makes him so dreaded at the moment. Once Zed gets an item or two he can kill anyone but a true tank with his all in. Since his buff in Patch 8.4 reduced the cooldown of his ultimate to 60 seconds at max level, it feels like Death Mark is always available. Zed already builds a lot of CDR and can take Ultimate Hat as a secondary rune, giving him a very low cooldown on an ult that almost always guarantees a kill.Although he does not fit the typical AP mid lane role, Zed is one of the hardest opponents to defeat and is therefore banned in roughly half of all games.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games

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