5 Best Counters to Wrecking Ball

Overwatch Hero 28 Wrecking Ball entered the game's live servers Tuesday.

The adorable hamster, previously known as Hammond, with a mech that rivals D.Va, brings a whole new level of mechanics and theory crafting for the game. It's difficult to say whether Wrecking Ball is overpowered/underpowered until he gets more settled in to the roster. Regardless of that, he certainly will shake up the meta when it comes to countering some of the existing heroes. 

Here are five of the best counters to Wrecking Ball.  

5. Tracer

Not so much an extremely hard counter, but a dangerous opportunity for the enemy Tracer. For the most part, Tracer can keep up with Wrecking Ball in terms of mobility and build up her Pulse Bomb quickly. Since Wrecking Ball has a massive character model, Tracer can easily spray an entire clip into him and build up her ultimate. More Pulse Bombs means more pressure and kill potential for her team.

4. Pharah

Even though Wrecking Ball works well with Pharah, Overwatch's newest hamster will find it extremely difficult to go against her. His tool kit allows him to traverse the map in a fast manner, but he generally has to stay low to the ground. Pharah can continuously pump out rockets in the air safely, without Wrecking Ball posing much of a threat.  

3. Mei

Mei is a tricky one to play against Wrecking Ball, but when played right, can cripple him effectively. Having a huge hit box allows Mei to continuously spray her primary fire generously and get the freeze effect on him. Since Mei's primary fire also goes through enemies now, Wrecking Ball's teammates won't find safety hiding behind that massive mech.

Her Ice Wall can be a double edge sword, but also turn the tide of a fight. Denying Wrecking Ball the ability to use his movement hinters him significantly, and Ice Wall is just the tool to do so.  

2. Reaper

Nothing too special here in terms of mechanics and outplay potential when it comes to Reaper. His entire kit allows him to destroy Wrecking Ball, having massive damage being pumped out with his primary fire. In addition to that, Reaper can sustain and heal up a huge amount of health because Wrecking Ball can gain shields and has an already healthy pool of HP. 

1. Sombra

Sombra is a fantastic counter to Wrecking Ball, she can effectively ruin him for an extended period of time. Hacking Wrecking Ball cripples the tank hero more so than others. Without the mobility that and pressure he provides, when hacked, all he can do it use his primary fire. The damage with his primary fire is decent, but usually does not deal the damage it needs to.

Her ultimate adds a double whammy to the mix. Not only does the EMP leave Wrecking Ball in an extended hacked state, it can completely wipe out all the shields he gained.

Photos Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment