5 Best Fortnite Battle Pass Skins

Some of the Fortnite Battle Pass skins are legendary, like the Reaper skin, more commonly known as the John Wick skin. Epic Games has constantly outdone itself by creating incredible skins for battle pass customers, like Omega or Ragnarok. Here are the five best skins it has created so far for players with the Fortnite Battle Pass.

One of the new Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass skins is Ragnarok, a costume unlocked by players upon reaching level 100 in the battle pass. The skin looks like a crazy and deranged Viking from Hell and it is undoubtedly cool.

The reward for completing all 100 levels of the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass was the very intimidating Omega skin, a costume that was leveled up as players would make progress during the season. The outfit quickly became a fan favorite and those who unlocked all of the levels almost always wore it.

A part of the beloved Space Explored set from Season 3, the Moonwalker skin is one of the smoothest skins Epic Games has ever offered to the battle pass owners. While many fans prefer the Dark Vanguard counterpart, the original is a sleek outfit and allows players to somewhat realize their dream of being in outer space.

One of the most popular, and one of the weirdest, skins Epic Games has ever produced was the Visitor. The skin was one of the hardest to earn during Season 4 and players had to complete all seven blockbuster challenges to get it. One of the appeals of the Visitor skin was the ability to change his face from four unique styles: Crosshair, Visualizer, Smiles, and Mandible.

For a brief moment in Fortnite history, players that used the Reaper skin, or more commonly known as the John Wick skin, were terrifying to encounter. Because only the most committed players of the game were able to unlock the skin, players using it were usually pretty good, giving wearers of it a reputation for being hard to kill. Although the skin is less threatening now, it holds a special place in Fortnite history.

Photos courtesy of Epic Games