Pokémon Let's Go Mansion Secret Key: How to Find it

Pokémon Let's Go Mansion Secret Key is an item many players are looking for during their quest in Pokémon Let's Go. It is a necessary item for players in order to continue their adventure and beat the Cinnabar Gym. 

Here is how to find the Secret Key.

Pokémon Let's Go Mansion Secret Key

The Secret Key is important for players​ who want to face Blaine in the Cinnabar Island Gym. Once players arrive on Cinnabar Island, they will need to head straight to the Pokémon Mansion, as it will be impossible to challenge the Gym Leader immediately. 

Once players get inside of the Pokémon Mansion, they will need to head north and into the staircase leading up. They will need to continue up onto the next floor and head toward the right where there is a glowing statue that will reveal a switch. After pressing it, go toward the sotuh and head down the ladder and continue south until another staircase appears on the right. 

Players will find themselves in the basement, where they will need to go to the middle room and search for a switch. It will reveal a new room near the stairs, where players will have to go to the glowing statue and press another switch. 

The players will then need to head to the Lab Room, where Mewtwo was previously staying in. The adjacent room will contain the Secret Key. 

The Secret Key will be then used to open the doors to the Cinnabar Gym. Players will need to ​answer trivia questions from Blaine before being able to challenge him, however. 

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo