How to Get Past the Ghost in Pokémon Let's Go

​How to get past the Ghost in Pokémon Let's Go can be a difficult task. In order to get past the Ghost in Lavender Town's Pokémon Towers, players will need to complete another mission first. Here is a guide to successfully getting past the Pokémon Tower Ghost.

​​How to Get Past the Ghost in Pokémon Let's Go

Attempting to go through all the floors in the Pokémon Tower is impossible because of the big Ghost that blocks the way -- which means the next part of the story must be completed elsewhere.

When players first entered the tower, they might remember seeing Team Rocket running out of the tower followed by a Cubone. After coming face to face with the big Ghost in the tower, players should leave the Pokémon Tower and then head toward the west. Players will find Team Rocket, who also couldn't get past the big Ghost, and the small Cubone will appear. Team Rocket will kidnap the Cubone and then take it to their base in Celadon City.

Players will need to follow Team Rocket to Celadon City in order to ​obtain the Silph Scope, a key item that is the only way to get past the Ghost.

Once the Silph Scope is obtained, and the Cubone is saved, players will need to return to the Pokémon Tower and go through the floors again in order to encounter the Ghost. The item will also reveal the identity of the ghosts around Pokémon Tower, which are mostly Ghastlys and Haunters.

A cutscene will play once players encounter the Ghost, and the Silph Scope will reveal the Ghost was the restless spirit of Cubone's mother, Marowak. She will disappear after a moment with Cubone, and players can then continue their journey in the Pokémon Tower.

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo