How to Evolve Haunter in Pokémon Let's Go

How to evolve Haunter in Pokémon Let's Go isn't as simple as people might think it is. Haunter requires a special kind of circumstance in order to evolve to its final form: Gengar. Here is a guide to evolving Haunter. 

How to Evolve Haunter in Pokémon Let's Go

After players catch a Gastly in Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower, with the use of ​the Silph Scope, ​they will need to level it up to level 25 where it will evolve into Haunter. Unlike other Pokémon who will typically require to be leveled up another set of levels to reach their final evolution, it is possible to evolve Haunter immediately after.

Haunter will only evolve if it is traded, the same circumstances that ​allow Machoke to evolve into Machamp. Players will have to trade their Haunter to a friend, or receive a Haunter from a friend by trading. Once the Pokémon is successfully traded, it will evolve into Gengar. 

There are no wild Gengars players can catch to bypass trading their Haunter for Gengar.

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo