Airstepping Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Do it

Airstepping in Kingdom Hearts 3 is an important ability as it will allow Sora to reach places or evade attacks from enemies. Here is a guide to Airstepping in Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Airstepping Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Do it

Players will be introduced to Airstepping during their journey in Olympus. Sora learns how to Airstep in order to reach an area of Olympus that he cannot through normal means. Although the move is rather flashy, it is very simple and does not require much work.

Airstepping can be triggered by the same command for Shotlocking. On the PlayStation 4, players will need to hold R1 and then will be able to move the camera around to the area they would like to Airstep toward. Accessible areas will be indicated by a yellow box and a noise signaling that Sora successfully locked-on to the area. Xbox One players will have to hold RB.

In order to Airstep to that area, PS4 players can then hit the square button to Airstep toward that platform, and Xbox One players will need to hit the X button.

Like Shotlocking, which is used for battle, Airstepping can also be useful in battles.. It can close the gap between an enemy and Sora, get Sora far away from attacks, or be a way to initiate battle. If the player hits the attack button (X for PS4 and A on Xbox One)​ quickly after Airstepping, they will perform an area-of-effect attack, which can potentially damage several enemies at once. 

Progressing with the story in Olympus will also bring players to ​the end of Kingdom Hearts 2.9, before Kingdom Hearts 3 begins. 

Cover photo courtesy of Square Enix