Kingdom Hearts 3 Side Quests: What Side Quests Are Available?

Kingdom Hearts 3 side quests do exist in the game, as they did in past games in the series. If players want to 100 percent the game, they will need to complete all side quests in Kingdom Hearts 3. Here are the different kinds of side quests Sora has to complete.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Side Quests: What Side Quests Are Available?

​There are several different side quests available for players -- and within certain side quests there will be additional missions Sora might need to complete. Here are the different type of side quests available for Sora to complete.

​Lucky Emblems: Finding Lucky Emblems in each world means players will need to search high and low for Mickey symbols in their surroundings. The symbols can be seen as marks in the wall or even parts of nature.

- Classic Kingdom Mini Game: Throughout Sora's adventure, he will find new Classic Kingdom mini games scattered throughout the worlds that he can play on his Gummiphone. Players will need to play those mini games to receive a Keyblade.

​Moogle Shop Photo Missions: The Moogle at the Moogle Shop will ask Sora to take photos of various things, like Heartless or buildings in different worlds. The missions can be viewed when Sora speaks to the Moogle and selects "Workshop."

- Little Chef's Bistro Recipes: Little Chef will have many different recipes for Sora to make, but he will also require different ingredients. Sora needs to collect ingredients as he travels from world to world and will have the opportunity to make special dishes with Little Chef at the Bistro. Sora will also receive a Keyblade for completing all recipes.

- Flantastic Seven: There are Heartless Flan living in various worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. It will be up to Sora to find the different Heartless and complete their mini-games to receive rewards like the Orichalcum+ to create the ​Ultima Weapon.

There might be minor side quests in each world when Sora revisits them. In Olympus, for example, Sora will need to ​collect Hercules dolls. It will be important for players to revisit areas even after beating the main story. 

Cover photo courtesy of Square Enix