Kingdom Hearts 3 End Game Content: What's Available After the Game?

​Kingdom Hearts 3 end game content is what's supposed to keep players coming back to a single player game after beating it. But, what type of content is available in Kingdom Hearts 3 after finishing the game?

Kingdom Hearts 3 End Game Content: What's Available After Beating the Game?

Kingdom Hearts 3 was released on Jan. 29. Players have had plenty of time to complete the epic story line that concludes the Xehanort Saga of the Kingdom Hearts series. Many players are now wondering what type of content awaits them after they’ve finished the main story line of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Here are three pieces of end game content in Kingdom Hearts 3 that players might have missed.

Battle Gates

One of the activities players can tackle after completing the main story is the Battle Gates. The Battle Gates are scattered across the worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3 and offer players the opportunity to defeat challenging enemies and unlock secret reports.

Here’s a ​guide describing the locations of every Battle Gate in the game.

Secret Reports

Secret Reports are Kingdom Hearts 3’s version of the deep-dive lore players have come to expect from the series. They offer more insight to the events of the game and fuel speculation as to where the series will go after the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3. The Secret Reports provide some context to the ending of the game and the epilogue.

You can acquire the secret reports by completing all of the Battle Gates in the game.

Secret Boss

Like the rest of the Kingdom Hearts games, Kingdom Hearts 3 features a secret boss. This boss, the Dark Inferno, is incredibly powerful. The player must face the Dark Inferno boss without the help of Goofy or Donald Duck.

Players should level and improve their gear as much as they can before facing the Dark Inferno. While he’s not quite up to the difficulty par that ​Sephiroth set in previous games, he’s still no joke. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Square Enix