Sekiro O'Rin of the Water: How to Defeat the Miniboss

Sekiro's O'Rin of the Water is the latest in the long line of enemies which players will have to overcome in their adventure through the latest critically-acclaimed title from FromSoftware, creators of the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice see players take on the role of a shinobi who must seek revenge against the samurai who maimed him and kidnapped his young lord. With a new prosthetic arm and a sharp blade, the newly-named Sekiro or one-armed wolf must venture through a dangerous, magical world of deadly foes, mysterious allies, and suspicious others who could be either. 

One such individual is O'Rin of the Water, whose ire if earned has stumped many a player. 

Sekiro O'Rin of the Water: How to Defeat the Miniboss

O'Rin of the Water is an NPC who becomes a mini-boss for players who stumble across her. Found after the Large Blossom Tree area in Mibu Village, O'Rin is an optional fight but becomes easily hostile against players who encounter her without knowing who she is. 

Although she can be spoken to, she will become hostile if the player either ignores her or is unable to tell her the location of her missing lord. If she does become hostile, then players are in for a rough fight, and would be best advised to try some of the following tricks: 

  • Play defensive: this battle is more about Posture than health bars. O'Rin can warp aggressively and attack quickly. Block her combos then retaliate when there's an opening. Don't get too greedy though; the windows to punish aren't big and her counterattack will deal massive damage.
  • Divine Confetti deals extra damage against spirits like her, which can work for more aggressive playstyles. Just be careful with its cast time.
  • Firecrackers are useful to stun her and will have a high success rate if timed to catch her as she warps in to attack. The Loaded Umbrella is also useful as a defensive tool to absorb her quick flurry of strikes.
  • Run away if needed. Fleeing the arena and resetting at an Idol will also reset her dialogue and hostile status to neutral.

As a humanoid opponent, O'Rin requires more dexterity to deal with than the Chained Ogre or Giant Carp. It's as-of-yet unknown if there is a way to placate her permanently by finding her lord's location. 

Images courtesy of FromSoftware and Activision