7 Most Misfortunate Ways to Die in PUBG

Playing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is, almost always, a death wish. Considering only one player out 100 lives to the game's end and tastes that sweet chicken dinner, the odds are certainly stacked against surviving. Still, some deaths are tougher to bear than others. Here are the seven most misfortunate ways to die in PUBG.

1. Jump-Punched at Round Start

In the mad dash for weapons at the start of the game, almost nothing is more frustrating than falling during the scramble. Finally finding the weapon you need only to get jump-punched by some faceless scrub play from half a world away can sour a play session single-handedly.

2. Parachute Cancelling Too Early

​Parachutes in PUBG have been finicky since the early days, and as much as PUBG Corp has tried to improve them, they remain occasionally, insanely frustrating. To this day, players will find themselves nearly grazing the roof of a building, getting just close enough for the game to cut their chute, and then being flung from great heights to splat on the pavement below. There goes all that time spent waiting in the lobby.

3. ​Zapped by the Blue

PUBG is a game about matching wits and skills with 99 other ​like-minded competitors. It's about quick reflexes, perfect aim and meticulous positioning. But sometimes it's also about running across the entire map because you can't find a car, being overtaken by the blue, stopping every few seconds to heal, watching your health tick down, and ultimately dying unmourned in some forgotten field.

4. Team-Killed


Team-based modes in PUBG are often more fun than playing solo, but picking up random teammates is an absolute dice roll. Teammates are as likely to land on the other side of the map as they are to help you in a firefight. Particularly greedy teammates will even kill players who take the gear they think they deserve, and there's almost nothing quite so cursed as a PUBG betrayal.

5. Team-Killed (By Accident)

Even when playing with friends, PUBG team modes can be a dangerous endeavor. When messing around with teammates, there are plenty of ways for the game's wonky controls or its buggy gameplay to send a player to an early grave. At least this one can be laughed off.

6. Sniped From Miles Away

Everyone loves a good long distance sniper shot, but not everyone loves being on the receiving end. One moment you're walking through the forests of Erangel, the next the game's saying you're dead, and you never even heard the gunshot.

7. Falling Through the Map (and Other Bugs)


PUBG players are no strangers to the bug death. Whether it's sinking through the earth while driving a Dacia, teleporting into the skybox, or otherwise finding yourself in a death trap​ of ill-conceived code, nothing quite beats the bug-related death of PUBG.

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​Photos courtesy of PUBG Corp