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A Land Entombed: Genshin Impact Guide

courtesy of miHoYo

A Land Entombed is a World Quest from Genshin Impact that gives small rewards and a chance to explore the Dragonspine Mountain.

Dragonspine is a relatively new area on the map of Genshin Impact. One of the quests that allow players to have an excuse to go into the mountains is A Land Entombed. This article will explore how to begin the quest, what the goal of the quest is, and the juicy rewards that wait for players.

A Land Entombed: Genshin Impact Guide

A Land Entombed is a World Quest where players must walk through the Dragonspine mountain and collect all three Ancient Investigation Journals. The quest begins when a player picks up one of the three Ancient Investigation Journals. The order of the journals obtained does not matter- it is just a label.

courtesy of miHoYo

The quest does not have any prerequisites, but it would be helpful to have unlocked the Seven statues for the area and equip a Pyro (fire) character on the team.

Ancient Investigation Journal Overall Locations

As mentioned earlier, the quest is simple- find three journal articles. Above is the map of the Dragonspine and the three locations of the journal. The three articles are located deep in the mountain and two out of the three journals are only accessible by solving puzzles.

How to Begin the Quest

After finding one or more journals, talk to Stevens at the campsite outside of Dragonspine. He is the one who will officially give the quest and the rewards after finding all three journals.

First Journal Location

The first journal is found in the deep round pit next to the Statue of Seven. Drop down the hole and follow the path into the cave. The chest is hidden next to the square statue. The place is relatively dark thus may be tricky. Check the exact location on the screenshot above to know the exact location.

Second Journal Location

The second journal is found on the pond. There are two puzzles and a monster to defeat to summon the chest with the journal.

The first puzzle is simple, activate the heater pedestals surrounding the pond. This drains the water and shows what was below.

Walk down to find three heater pedestals and a sleeping Ruin Grader.

Start with the heater pedestal nearest to the Ruin Grader as the screenshot shows. Walk the second and third pedestals. This awakens the Ruin Grader. Defeat it and it will open gates to the chest containing the second journal.

Third Journal Location

To locate the third journal, it is easiest to teleport to the Waypoint right above the word 'Starglow Caven' on the map. Having the Teleport Waypoint to your back, move forward to the layer beneath, and take a right. There you will face a huge iced wall.

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Use Crimson Quartz to destroy the iced wall.

The cave will continue to lead to a bookshelf where the third journal can be found.


  • 400 Adventure Experience Points
  • 50 Primogems
  • 3 Hero’s Wit
  • 6 Mystic Enhanced Ore
  • 40,000 Mora