All Amigos in Far Cry 6: Full List and All Abilities

We've compiled a short list of all eight animal Amigos available for players to recruit in Far Cry 6.
We've compiled a short list of all eight animal Amigos available for players to recruit in Far Cry 6. / Ubisoft

We've compiled a short list of all eight animal Amigos available for players to recruit in Far Cry 6.

Additionally, we have also included all of their abilities and a quick explanation of where to find them. Players who want more information are welcome to check out our linked companion articles for each Amigo.

All Amigos in Far Cry 6

For player convenience, we've listed each Amigo under their own subheading with a brief overview of their abilities and process to unlock them.


Guapo is a massive gator who wears a bold striped shirt and carries an even bolder attitude. He has a single gold fang in his mouth—like any true BAMF.

Players can unlock Guapo simply by completing the prologue missions in the beginning of the game. He has three abilities suited to combat:

  • Body Regulation: Regenerate health during combat.
  • Cornered Beast: Gain a resistance buff at under 50% health.
  • Reptile Metabolism: Revive at 90% health after being downed.

Yes, you can pet him.


Chorizo is a miniature black and tan dachshund puppy who, after losing the use of his back legs—a common occurrence for the breed due to their elongated spine—has been set up with a cart.

Players can find Chorizo on Montero Farm. He is a stealth Amigo who is best suited for distracting enemies and letting Dani move without being seen. His abilities are:

  • Bloodhound: Tag nearby crafting materials.
  • Yes, You Can: Give him pets, regenerate health.
  • Keen Senses: Dig resources out from the ground.

Those who pre-ordered Chorizo will also receive a special Libertad outfit for him.


Chicharron is a rooster with studded collars, bracelets, and piercings. He has bright red and green feathers which contrast nicely with his typical jet-black plumage.

Those looking to recruit Chicharron can find him at Patriotas Peak in El Este. Dani must protect the bird from various dangers through a short series of side quests, but will become available as an Amigo immediately afterward. Unsurprisingly, he is a combat companion. His abilities are:

  • Roid Rage: Buff to damage output and speed under 70% health.
  • Chicken Feet: While Roid Rage is active, he receives bonus evasion.
  • Angrier Bird: Jump and knock enemies down.


Oluso the panther is an apex predator who has made his home in Oluwa Cave. Dani must collect three Triada Relics and return them to the cave to summon him. Then, she'll have to defeat three phantom panthers and revive him after the battle in order to gain his support.

Oluso, like any big cat, is built for stealth and ambush. He has the following three abilities:

  • Mimo Abosi's Luck: Increased chance of stealthy takedown during combat.
  • Mist of Oku: At half health, Oluso is encompassed by mist, gains damage resistance, becomes obscured from view, and regenerates health faster.
  • Rage of Ida: Successful take downs strike fear into enemies, causing them to flee.

Boom Boom

Boomer, the bird dog from Far Cry 5, has made his third appearance in the franchise as Boom Boom. Players can locate this faithful canine companion as part of the rescue mission "Boom or Bust." Simply knock the lock off his shipping crate and he'll reward your bravery with unwavering loyalty.

Like any dog, Boom Boom's best resource is his nose—which can now be used for the player's benefit. He has the following abilities:

  • Thick Coat: Health buff.
  • Pointer: Mark the locations of enemies.
  • Expert Tracker: Mark enemies from further away.


Sci-fi fans will love K-9000. A robot dog available as part of the day one DLC, Blood Dragon, this jet black mastiff is ready to wreck havoc on enemies in Far Cry 6. He is best suited for combat, of course, but also has abilities that can help Dani evade detection via technology throughout Yara.

He becomes available once the player reaches Libertad Island. His abilities are:

  • Enhance: Tag security cameras, tripwires, alarms, and turrets.
  • Enhance!!!: Deal more damage against marked enemies.
  • Termination Protocol: Explode upon death, dealing AoE damage to all nearby enemies.


Champagne is a gorgeous albino mountain lion available as part of the Vice DLC pack. She is a stealth Amigo who relies on the player's current bank account balance in order to succeed on her attacks. She is highly motivated by clinking change and isn't the biggest fan of getting her paws dirty—but will for the right price.

She has three abilities:

  • Greed is Good: Takedowns are more successful if the player has more pesos on them.
  • Status Symbol: Automatic loot after a successful silent takedown.
  • Sonic Snarl: When hit, Champange has a chance to unleash a loud roar that knocks back nearby enemies.